In the previous months that have passed, the umbilical code that connected Paris and its former colonies has been breaking bit by bit. 

french-speaking-countries-bis-1-1024x683 PARIS PLAN TO 'FIX' RELATIONSHIP WITH FRANCOPHONES 

A number of French colonies in Africa have turned their back on their colonial masters creating new friendships with powerful countries such as Russia, China and India. 

In politics and economy wise. 

On Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron unveiled his economy and military strategy changes in the coming years as France’s influence substantially declines on the continent.  

In a speech which was made by the French President at the Elysee, French Presidential Palace before he departed for his African tour. 

He stated out that a new relationship which will be defined by the defination of ‘partnership’ will be made. 

Mali, Burkina Faso are among countries in the Sahel region that have demanded French troops to vacate their countries in favour of the Russian military.  

Economical historic ties are being challenged by India, China and Russia. 

In the previous years, Emmanuel Macron has insisted that any presence of France in Africa should be of ‘partnership’.

His tour in Africa will see him travelling to Angola, with specualtions that discussions of energy and oil will be made. 

In Gabon, with many African critics are accusing Macron for supporting President Bongo whose family has been in power for years. 

President Macron is also expected to travel to DRC Congo where discussions of the conflict between M27 rebels that has created the tension between Rwanda and DRC. 

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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