Ostallos Siziba pens down his political decision: To be or not to be!

Ostallos Siziba pens down his political decision: To be or not to be!

In a powerful Facebook message titled “To be or not to be,” CCC spokesperson Ostallos Siziba tackled a question hanging over recalled party members – would they run as independent candidates in upcoming by-elections? Siziba’s answer was unequivocal: “Never!”

“Facing a clear opportunity to run independently, I chose my party and my leader, Nelson Chamisa,” he declared. “My convictions and loyalty trump political gain, even if it means losing my seat. This national responsibility wasn’t thrust upon me at birth – it’s a commitment I choose to uphold.” Despite potential career sacrifices, Siziba assured his followers of his dedication. “Whether or not I return to parliament, I’ll continue working with my community on the ground,” he wrote.

Siziba’s message resonated with many CCC supporters, offering clarity and reaffirming his unwavering allegiance to the party and its leader. As by-elections loom in February, his stance underscores the internal dynamics and complex choices facing Zimbabwe’s political landscape.

Attached below is the letter:

To be or not to be!

A friend who is among the progressive forces called me to ask why in the face of a clear window to be an independent candidate against my party CCC, I chose not to. There was an extensive debate about the path to take in the face of the carnage we saw in the past few months after the August sham general election. A carnage sponsored, coordinated, and executed by Zanu PF!

Many people held and still hold different views including yours truly. The task was and remains that of finding an exit point that can best save the people’s project with minimum damage to the same and our nation. In the discussions, most people were informed albeit in a rational way, by self-preservation opinions. I was also not spared from thinking in the same manner. But it came a time when l thought l must apply my mind and deploy the necessary thought process to things unfolding. I knew this was going to pass but the question was if it ends what does it leave me at?

Two things controlled my opinions:
1. My training and grounding as a student of modern scientific thought. I was naturally inclined to think logically even if it inconvenienced my interests. At times even if you want to drive a Mercedes Benz- with $700 in your bank account- it’s logical to accept that for now l cannot. An organic intellectual (in the Gramscian sense), ought to, at least, be truthful to themselves even if they can for other reasons deploy a different message or feeling. We operate from the truth for the great Amilcar Cabral taught us to “tell no lies to the masses of our people.”

2. Ideologically, I was raised and trained by the International Socialist Organisation (ISO) at the then-illustrious UZ. At the time ISO was headed by Cde Munya Gwisai. Of all the things in this world of politics ISO instilled critical ideological values, principles & clarity that even today- in a center-left Organisation we belong to, those principles guide us as individual leaders. The principle we were taught is that this struggle is about the people & the transformation of their material conditions, not individual comrades getting obsessed with leadership positions or titles! Everyone has their campus and convictions before they become part of the collective.

So, this is a time for me to make a personal choice and l said to myself Never! I will never go against my convictions and worse my leader Nelson Chamisa. Even if it means that I lose being an MP, so be it. I was not born with this national responsibility. Parliament was and remains a platform to advance the collective interests of our people, our Movement, and the nation at large. These interests can be summed up as the genuine desire to see the establishment of a Modern Democratic Developmental State in Zimbabwe anchored on the values of Freedom, justice, and solidarity.

The people of Tshabalala expressed their preference in August but the regime was not happy- it’s obvious why would Jonathan be happy. It would be illogical for me to expect him and the class of 2017 to be. The reality is that I’m not the only person who can work for them as an MP. ( how l hate using “I” for we were taught in the ISO to stick to ‘We’. It guides against a sense of entitlement, impunity, and individualism). There were MPs before me, and like them, I will come and go. No one person can live beyond what is apportioned to them.

1500x500-1-1024x341 Ostallos Siziba pens down his political decision: To be or not to be!

The principles installed on me by the International Socialist Organisation a decade ago live a full life within me. I cruise without fear or favor because l know that within me is a burning desire to genuinely see a democratic society. A society whose economy works for the MANY and not the few.

All revolutionaries ought to be tested- some fall by the wayside. But it is my strong conviction that even if we are to fall we will rise, crawl, walk, and then run to victory. That is, victory against Kleptocracy, victory against nepotism, victory against corruption, victory against hunger, lack & poverty, victory against destitution, victory against underdevelopment, hopelessness & a moribund economy, victory against nihilism, victory against tyranny & lastly victory against fear!

The question to some is what if your principles don’t pay off at the end?

My response is simple- principles are never about profit or self-preservation. One cannot and must never bend principles for personal gain or political expediency. We cannot and we shall not disregard our principles. Never! For me life is about a legacy- after all, we are all gonna die but what matters, at least to me is what history and contribution am l leaving behind.

What will the same people who supported me to be part of the leadership collective that supported us say? That’s my legacy question. Remember without the people- there was not gonna be the task to be part of the leadership. So we have to at all material times serve the people. Without the power (support) of the people, we in leadership have no authority and whatever privilege that comes with it. We fight on, we cannot capitulate!

Until this is achieved some of us, as long as we live- will fight!

From me to you with love and solidarity always.

Under my hand

Comrade Ostallos

In the name of the people

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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