New Genre, New Track in The Month of Love With MJ Sings 

Mncedisi Jeremiah Ncube whose stage name is MJ Sings caught up with My Afrika Magazine reporter Tapiwa Rubaya (TR), as he shared some details about his Valentine’s gift to his music lovers.
He is popularly known for being one of the best live performing artists in Zimbabwe whilst his friends and the media call him the ‘King of Soul Music.’ MJ explains more about the new genre that he has introduced in the world of music. Find out more about him in this exclusive chat:

TR: Can you tell us who is  MJ Sings aka the  Prince of Soul and Afro Pop music?
OK, MJ Sings is a Zimbabwean born singer-songwriter and performing artist based in Bulawayo titled ‘ The Prince of Soul ‘ by the fans and media reviews after experiencing his music.

TR: What makes Soul and Afro Pop music different from other music genres?
Music on its whole is the best expression of one’s feelings and thoughts. Soul and Afropop allows one to express it in a way that allows one to travel on the spiritual and imagination journey penned down by musicians. 

TR: 2022 was a big year to you and your brand dis you had any idea that you will be one of the biggest winners during the Roil BAA?
We worked so hard and tirelessly with the team and we believed in the fans and universe to have our back. We partly predicted it and we thank the JTeam fans for making it possible. 

TR: In the industry you have faced a number of obstacles how did you manage to conquer them?
I have been fortunate to have a team and creative minds that continue to help tackle some of the challenges we’ve faced and most of the time we just enjoy tackling the obstacles as they build us to reach our potential.

TR: Given a chance to go back in time, 6years back what word would you advise yourself back then?
Focus on your niche market. 

TR: You have been associating yourself with the colour purple, what is the significance that colour in your life and brand?
Purple represents ROYALTY and we see that in ourselves as the JTeam.

TR: Last year you announced the introduction of a new genre, ‘ZiPop’, can you define the genre and influence?
ZiPop is a mixture of Dance / Soul / Afro-fussion but it stretches beyond just the sound but a culture, lifestyle and identity. It’s slowly gaining ground in Bulawayo and we hope to see it become the next African Export.

TR: You are yet to introduce your first single this February, what is the story behind ‘Heaven Is You’?
‘Heaven in You’, is my first single this year, a dedication to the JTeam fans that can also be interpreted as a love song. The song is produced by Murphy Cubic and distributed by UK based Khaya Lyf.

TR: Why did you decide February to release the track next month?
February has a beautiful mood and atmosphere so we thought of giving our audience a theme song for the month.

TR: You are well known for having a successful performance, when it comes to live performance. What do you love about live performances?
The stage has always been my first love even at a young age, it’s now my safe space where I can let lose all the creative ideas that I have and that are inspired by my influences. I guess what I love the most is the thrill of feeling the love and energy being reciprocated back to you.

TR: Any International collabos this year?
We definitely are working on a couple of International collaborations with one of the projects with UK dance duo PM.MP already out charting number 20 on the UK Traxsource.

TR: What should we expect from MJ Sings in the coming month?
February we will be focusing on pushing and promoting ‘ Heaven in You ‘ and a couple of events.

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