Nare’s Social Media Odyssey: From brand promotion to tourism advocacy

Nare’s Social Media Odyssey: From brand promotion to tourism advocacy

Social media platforms encompass various definitions, one of which describes them as online services that facilitate users in creating, sharing, and engaging with content while connecting with others. It’s widely accepted that these definitions converge on the idea that social media serves as a platform uniting people globally, regardless of geographical or religious differences.

In an exclusive interview with My Afrika Magazine reporter Tapiwanashe Rubaya (TR), Calvin Gilan Nare (CN) shares his journey as a social media influencer and brand promoter. He discusses how he leverages social media to promote Zimbabwe’s tourism industry, offering insights into audience engagement and growth strategies. With over 53,000 followers on his Facebook page, Nare aims to double this number by year-end.

TR: You have been marketing the country’s tourism sector of your country why?
Since I’m outgoing, I’ve used it to my advantage to market the tourism industry, set it apart from competitors, draw clients, and build brand awareness. As you are aware, a lot of contemporary tourism marketing techniques are now digital, so why not travel with time and map Zimbabwe?

TR: What is your favourite  local tourism area that you have toured at?
In Zimbabwe, every tourist location is the greatest. It is worthwhile to visit them that’s what I can say.

TR: How do you grow and engage your audiances on social media?
On social media, there are countless methods to grow. In my instance, folks simply fell in love with the way I dress to express myself. Additionally, I used to act out skits, but I stopped for a while. I immediately concentrated on developing my reputation as a churchgoer, realizing that most people were drawn to.

TR: How do you stay current with the latest trends, and changes?
I stay current on the newest trends and developments by following other social media users and news websites.

TR: How do you schedule your posting related tasks?
: It’s a really good question. The majority of my time is spent at work, but I also have vacation and off days. I will thus schedule my post for tomorrow after work. Therefore, on Facebook, if you plan a post for a specific time, it will be posted even if you are not online. I check my social media accounts during my lunch and tea breaks in order to interact with my fans. I keep my professional and social media lives separate. I complete my tasks at work and then head home. 

TR: If a policy is introduced for social media users who have more than 5k followers to pay a revenue  for their accounts exists would you comply and why?
I follow the law; if there are good reasons for doing something that benefit both parties, then why should I break the law?

TR: Facebook, TikTok  and IG what is your favourite social media platform and why?
Facebook is my favourite. the reason is that, in contrast to other platforms where I have limited time, TikTok demands a lot of time to develop content. Regarding Instagram, I became negative about it because I lost my account, which had 107K followers, there last year. I’m now utilizing an old backup account because it was hacked. 

TR: Have social media users been  mean to you?
Lol, I would say it’s not just myself, but everyone is targeted by hate on social media. Allow me to use The term “online disinhibition effect” to refers to this phenomena. In essence, you become less of an inhibition while you are online. So, people frequently react to this by becoming meaner or more forthcoming online than they would in person. Thus, there are those who are simply online bullies. They are unable to express to your face what they say on the internet. In other words, this is essentially one of the consequences of social media use.

TR: Unlike other social media influencers, you are not ashamed of speaking about your own religion.What motivates you to do so?
That is very true; I am a devoted and strong member of Zion Christian Church. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Me being a fashion fanatic I decided to target the fashion lovers to bring them to God, and since I believe that my religion contains the truth, I don’t even feel embarrassed to discuss it. The Bible claims that you will be set free by the truth. Some may believe that all I have done in the name of my church thus far is done for attention, but it is actually how I worship and glorify my God. As a result of my efforts to bring Zion to the world and the world to Zion, people have come to refer to me as “The Fashion Minister”.

TR: Some social media influencers have witness their uploads being unfairly deleted.have you witnessed the same and if that happens to you how would you feel and deal with the incident?
Every platform is governed by laws and regulations. Thus, it’s a good idea to abide by the community norms if you want to enjoy utilizing social media. 

TR: Word of advise what three things does one who wants to venture into your industry needs to know?
When utilized properly, social media may be a beneficial tool m but it can also be a terrible platform.Use social media to change the world, is what I would advise .
Provide information that doesn’t harm or mislead readers.You will witness magic if you manage it properly.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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