Mzoe 7 unleashes a self-proclaimed masterpiece.

Mzoe 7 unleashes a self-proclaimed masterpiece.

The Afro-Hip Hop Sensation from Zimbabwe Mzoe7 aka Mr. Gagagugu is an afro-hip hop sensation from Zimbabwe who is known for his creative and energetic performances. He is also a comedian, actor and dancer who has appeared in various shows and movies.

Mzoe7 started his musical journey at a young age, singing in church choirs and school bands. He was influenced by artists like Michael Jackson, Oliver Mtukudzi, Fela Kuti and Wizkid. He developed his own style of music that he calls “Something Afro”, which blends afro-beats, hip hop, dancehall, and traditional elements.

Screenshot-2023-04-03-at-10.25.40-PM-1024x1024 Mzoe 7 unleashes a self-proclaimed masterpiece.

Mzoe7 is not only a musician, but also a social activist who uses his platform to raise awareness on issues like HIV/AIDS, gender-based violence, child abuse and environmental protection. He is also involved in various community projects, such as donating to orphanages and schools.

We caught up with him at the launch and this is what he had to say!

MM: What inspired you to create this EP?

M7: People have always wanted more content from me and i thought this is the right time to compile a masterpiece.

MM: What was the recording process like for the EP?

M7: The recording process was awesome I worked with great creatives at Studios especially with great producers like SeeWellton, Lance Hebron, Too high and Daggerbeats.

MM: How did you decide which songs to include in the EP?

M7: I had people listen to the songs and choosing songs they felt where good it was a hard choice.

MM: Can you tell us about any collaborations or features in the EP?

M7: I did a song with Asaph a few years back and I kept it for the right moment, which is now, I worked with Rakeem on another song, Babongile Sikhonjwa, Shekinah has always brought the guitar feel to the music.

MM: How do you plan on promoting the EP and reaching new listeners?

M7: Will be engaging international distributors and tours to push the ep will be doing a kasi-to-kasi tour, radio tour and regional tour.

MM: What events or shows do you have planned to support the EP launch?

M7: What are your long-term goals for your music career?

M7: I want to be an African icon. Spread love through music after the EP there is more coming. There are programs for grooming the youths and fighting drugs.

I want to thank mostly SoundKulcha for making everything possible.

Mzoe7 aka Mr Gagagugu is an afro-hip hop sensation from Zimbabwe who has a lot to offer to the music industry and the world. He is a versatile and talented artist who is always innovating and entertaining.  We wish him all the best with regards to this project and his future endeavors.

He rose to fame with his hit song “Asambeni”, which became a national anthem and earned him several nominations. He has featured on other popular songs like “Life Goes On”, and “Ngawuzw’ Umoya Wami”.

He has collaborated with other artists like Awa, the late great Cal vin, Msiz’kay, DJ Pressure and Master Zhoe. He recently dropped his latest EP titled “Seven” on April 1, 2023. The EP features several tracks and showcases his versatility and talent. The EP is a mix of afro-pop, Amapiano, reggae and rap.

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