MUVAZ: Kabaira’s fresh new brand

MUVAZ: Kabaira’s fresh new brand


FB_IMG_16477109955533075 MUVAZ: Kabaira's fresh new brand

You might know Byron Kabaira as the man who played a massive role in alongside with multi-award-winning artist Nutty ‘O’. Social Media has of late gone in a search frenzy, questioning the whereabouts of Nutty O’s former manager and what he has been up to.

My Afrika Magazine team caught up with Byron who explaind to us his whereabouts in the arts sector. He also introduces us in his newly founded brand, ‘Muvaz’.

The brand is aiming to take the country’s arts and business sector into the international platforms. Muvaz has already signed numerous artists since it was launched.

Below is the conversation with Byron.

TR: People have been wondering where you have been and what you have been up to in the music industry?

BK: I’ve been around, just taking a strategic hiatus from mainstream activities as I’ve been busy building more brands.

TR: You have launched a new brand ‘Muvaz’, can you tell us about it’s foundation and it’s main vision?

BK: Muvaz is a parent brand that houses all my talents and aspirations as far as business interests are concerned. I’m an entrepreneur into Business Consultancy, Bookkeeping and Accounting, Talent Management, Brand Consultancy, Education, Fish Farming Consultancy, Business Solutions Technology, Project Management, Community Development projects among others.

The brand is built on the foundations of hard and smart work with a special desire to revolutionise how some aspects of business happen in the country. I feel I am a man blessed with trailblazing abilities and wish to serve the world with diligence running a lot of unorthodox ideas. Running on the tagline ‘Escalation’ the Muvaz brand seeks to make the world a better place and we are proud to offer a few jobs to those who need them and understand our vision while putting smiles on people’s faces. We believe that business can be good or bad but strive for excellence in all we do.

TR: Is Muvaz open to work with everyone or there is a criteria that as a brand you will be looking at before you work with anyone?

BK: We are a people’s brand seeking to provide solutions to anyone in need and so we are open to work with anyone who appreciates our vision and also aligning to our operational philosophy. 

TR: Aside from promoting the works of artists, what other roles will ‘Muvaz’ play in the society?

BK: We have other professional business interests as mentioned above and are guided by a community development ethos seeking to just make society a better place.

TR: Currently you are working with some artists under the brand, can you at least provide the names of the artists and what is your latest project?

BK: Under Muvaz Entertainment which will have interests in film and music we already have Muvaz Music managing and directing the talents of recording music artists: Rutendo Jackie, 10 Miles Logan, C Law, and Evie Manhanda.

The latest offering is a single audio track titled ‘One Day’ and released by Evie on Friday March 18th and just 3 weeks ago Rutendo Jackie released a world class music video for her track titled ‘Mbereka’ which features multitalented producer and recording artist Victor Stot. We are in the process of finalizing 10 Miles Logan debut release under our management. 

TR: What are some of the major plans that you are planning to work on as a brand?

BK: We just plan on creating something great that will carry the country’s flag to dizzying heights on the world map.

TR: You have been trending on social media about your work relationship with Nutty O, are you guys in good books?

BK: Our relationship was that of brothers. When we began working together the plan was to build a nationally and internationally acclaimed brand packaged in a long-term plan. I feel that was achieved and as we part ways I wish him all the best.

TR: Many people are getting confused in the role of an artist manager in the world of entertainment?

BK: I always like to say talent alone is not enough thus the need for a team. The artists lead in the creative process while management focuses on building a business out of this talent in order to create lasting legacies.

TR: Do you believe in Zimbabwe, the role of a music manager recognized comparing to other countries in Africa?

BK: I love and believe in Zimbabwe that’s why I am doing all I am doing straight from Zimbabwe. We still have a long way to go as far as appreciating the role of music managers but hopefully we will demonstrate our relevance and in time people will easily gravitate towards our vision of excellence as we seek to create a world class arts industry.

TR: What advice do you have to musicians, business executives who are planning to be part of the brand?

BK: To artists I advise them to be passionate about their craft and seek ways of creating globally competitive work that brings value to anyone they wish to do business with. 

To the business executives I urge them to support the arts industry and also be proactive towards building world class brands because without their support it is all a futile attempt to create a sustainable and bankable arts industry. We seek to be the plug between the two worlds guiding artists to be of value and service to corporates while helping corporates to realise the value they can get from artists.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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