Prominent Mozambican Hiphop rapper and government critic’s funeral turned into a war zone as reports of clashes between police forces and mourners.  

Edison da Luz aka Azagaia who passed away on the 9th due to sudden illness has been remembered  in the world of music from across Angola,Portugal,France and his home country,Mozambique. 

In a report released by Mozambique’s Human Rights Watch claim that police dispersed his supporters using his tear gasduring his funeral. 

Azagaia  was well known for addressing corrupt government  leaders, in one of his songs he compares corrupt government  leaders as vamprios (vampires). 

The Human Rights Watch state that some members of the public,were approaching the president official residence chanting the song which had the lyrics,’vampires’. 

That is when they were dispersed by police. 

Azagaia  in 2014 he was described as the most influential rapper in Mozambique.  

His death sparked a widespread of marches through out Mozambique  in his honour. 

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