Mlandoblack Rsa: ‘His talent in making music – a marvel to behold.’

Mlandoblack Rsa: ‘His talent in making music – a marvel to behold.’

Lindokuhle Chauke known as ‘Mlandoblack Rsa’, a self-taught producer, songwriter and independent artist was born in Gauteng, Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa and lived in a small village called Zithobeni. Worked at various companies as a Music Compiler/Producer and kicked off his singing career performing at schools and later got into music production. As an Artist, Lindokuhle did many styles and was never limited to Afrotech, Afropop,Trap or Hip Hop, and his favourite genre became Hip-hop.

Mlandoblack Rsa mentioned that the debut EP instantly changed his life and cemented his music career.

“The songs were, the greatest EP I’ve ever being a part of. It has earned me a lot of respect on the streets, and encouraged me to work harder every day,” Mlandoblack Rsa says in excitement.

FB_IMG_16880659148430862 Mlandoblack Rsa: 'His talent in making music - a marvel to behold.'

Since then, Mlandoblack Rsa never looked back. His endless drive and unfailing enthusiasm for music-making made him one of the biggest Artist Bronkhorstspruit has ever had. Essentially, the mama hitmaker is something of a rarity, quite different from most producers.

Prior to the release new singles, Mlandoblack Rsa and his long-time music pal, Thabang Malaza, The Parwere, invited to come and listen to the EP at home studio and featured him on the song called mama.

Almost a decade ago, at the precocious age of 15, Mlandoblack Rsa kick-starts his music career. As a novice hitmaker, whose given name is Lindokuhle Chauke, says he spent innumerable hours watching tutorials on an online video-sharing platform.

“I used to watch YouTube tutorials on how to make a song from conception to completion,” Mlandoblack Rsa says.

During his tenure as musician, he managed to get thousands of viewers on featured YouTube web series and Gigs all over Bronkhorstspruit. 

Was he bothered by the rumours that he’s no longer doing music?

“Of course not. They didn’t bother me at all because they were untrue. I personally took those comments—positive or negative—as motivations.” he said. 

“I never give up, sometimes when life introduces new things to you, you are forced to take on other things,” clarifies Mlandoblack Rsa his fans.

FB_IMG_16881377204360866 Mlandoblack Rsa: 'His talent in making music - a marvel to behold.'

Mama hitmaker, Mlandoblack Rsa started making music at a precocious age of 9 where he started calling himself “Phanda bear”. 

“The name Phanda bear was the first one to try it, I liked the name a lot and where I didn’t know there was a person who is already famous than me goes by the name of Phanda bear. One day he texted me asking me to stop calling myself with his stage name. I didn’t want to fight, I peacefully changed my stage name to MlandoblackRsa” he says the reason why he changed the name Phanda to Mlandoblack Rsa.

Presently, Mlandoblack Rsa undoubtedly the greatest musician ever. The newly businessman Bhento China patted on the back for the significant contributions he’d had on his career. He then highlights that if it wasn’t for Thabang Malaza he wouldn’t have been a mama hitmaker.

He shot to fame in 2022, after then I got little-known as independent Musician, I shared a music snippet on social media. The snippet went viral, other upcoming artists started being interested to work with me. I’ve worked with various artists in Gauteng Bronkhorstspruit. I took a Break in music about a year in 2021 due to life difficulties.

“When I joined local studios, I was a Hip Hop, House, and Afro-Pop artist. To be honest with you, I didn’t expect myself to jump into music. I found the importance of growing in music at Sunday session. Truthfully, being at Sunday session was a great experience; that’s where I got some tactics on how to run things. For me, Sunday session was a huge steppingstone.” he said.

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