Mending the Dream with Elliot KOH

Mending the Dream with Elliot KOH

In youth, our dreams are limitless. We imagine a journey as effortless as a walk in the park. But when life happens, we lose sight of our dreams, our confidence, our peace. Our dreams crack, and they may remain broken. But there is always a tiny bit of hope to stitch the cracks and mend our hearts.

Admitting to a problem is the most important step in growth and healing. Acceptance is the most difficult but crucial step in problem-solving. There is no shame in being vulnerable, for in vulnerability we reveal our truest selves.

A famous quote by Mark Twain says, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you know the reason why.”

Elliot Nyakauru has been in the music scene for the past decade when he took music professionally. The 30-year-old reminisces about the first day he started to sing.

“I sang and participated in school activities and church too. I just loved performing and nothing else gives me the satisfaction than when I’m on stage just like when I was a little boy,” he said.

Music has the power to transport you to a different setting from your present. You can literally build castles from the figment of your imagination and emotions can be instilled according to the mood.

The act of mending can be done to an unintentional tear through wear or one caused by inevitable tension and pressure due to an outburst. Regardless of the cause, it has to be restored to its former or more improved state.

Elliot KOH, recently dropped his album titled Mending The Dream.

“I created the album #mendingthedream for the broken, the lost, and the hopeless. In a sense, I made it for myself. It’s therapeutic for me, and if someone else hears it and relates to the message, then my mission is accomplished,” said Elliot.

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It is believed that for an artist to be very creative there must be a muse, that person or thing that inspires much creativity. It differs with individuals though. Elliot KOH draws his creative inspiration from anything, real or fictional.

He further revealed that most of the songs on Mending The Dream album are based on personal experiences. “90% of the project is personal; Tiyambutse, Ndibate, Ndiporesei, Pamabvi amai, and Kompozha came to be from my life experiences.”

Each step in life brings wisdom. The hurdles you faced as a child are now lessons learned, for you are older, more experienced, and more mature. You have discovered new things about yourself that you never knew existed. Elliot realized that no one is special more than the other. It is important to love and respect everyone. Indeed love is the more excellent way.

Love also refers to the need for romantic relationships and companionship. According to Elliot, it is not something to be taken lightly. “I am single and I haven’t dated anyone in the past few years. I’m very particular about the people I let into my life because not many can understand the difference between KOH the singer and Elliot Nyakauru the person,” said Elliot. It is clear that a wise person will take time to invest in a relationship as well as maintain a balance so that nothing suffers neglect.

Elliot KOH’s debut album King Of Heart with 11 love songs (2017) and a 6-track EP called Mixed Emotions (2021) placed him on the map as a soulful instrumentalist and vocalist. Mending The Dream is his second album with 13 tracks; Tiyambutse, Ndibate, Ndiporesei, Kompozha, Chanza Chako, It’s Okay, Mwanangu, Pakati, Selfish, Pamabvi Amai, Ndichipenya Newe, Hurting Myself and Hona Tasvika respectively.

Being a musician is a full-time job but Elliot finds time to play basketball.

“I enjoy watching soccer from time to time. I watch movies and I like comedy. I think I'm funny too, I talk a lot,” he added.

The best you can do for yourself is to strike a balance between the needs of the person and the artist. When the artist is fulfilled, the rest flows. We are all on a journey, not a race, so speed is not a factor. Everyone will reach their destination. We are called for different purposes and we must remain humble.

“The upcoming artists must understand that talent and hard work is not enough. To the established artist you are blessed, don’t take it for granted,” highlighted Elliot.

All the songs on the album are excellent, with timeless lyrics and vocals that create long-lasting singalong jams.

In his quest to get the music to his audience far and wide, Elliot said: “Unfortunately we have had some technical difficulties having the album on ALL streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. My team is working on it and I am sure it will be available soon. However, you can stream or download it on other platforms like Myoozika, Reverbnation, Audiomack, and YouTube. I have crazy video scripts and I am hoping to execute the plan well before March next year.”

The Bible advises that we invest in many ventures in Ecclesiastes 11. “Invest in seven ventures, yes in eight; you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.”

Understanding one’s skill set and exploring different paths that are associated with your core business may prove successful. Elliot once had the opportunity to host a show called Rhythm of Southern Africa. “That was my first time hosting and I enjoyed it. I might consider presenting as a long-term goal,” Elliot said.

You owe it to yourself to make lasting memories that you will cherish in your old age. You can start by Mending The Dream like Elliot KOH Nyakauru. Whatever you decide, take intentional steps and you will succeed.

Lingiwe Gumbo

Lingiwe Patience Gumbo aka Miss PatienceZw is an Administrative Secretary by profession and a creative artist: singer-songwriter, poet, writer and voice over artist. She is the Arts & Entertainment Columnist for My Afrika Magazine.

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