Master H and Voltz JT fans buzzing with ‘Nawanadem’ hit

Master H and Voltz JT fans buzzing with ‘Nawanadem’ hit

ZIMBABWE: The streets are buzzing with the catchy Jamaican word  ‘Nawanadem‘ with its origins derived from patois. Nawadem is a phrase from the latest song Dhanzi by Master H featuring Voltz JT. Master H’s, real name Hillary Marufu is a vibrant Zimdancehall artist and in one of the interviews with Star FM, he confirmed that nawanadem means “The one I name” when translated. 

Volts Master H and Voltz JT fans buzzing with 'Nawanadem' hit

The song Dhanzi celebrates the eventual breakthrough of Master H onto the mainstream. He closed 2023 as one of the industry’s most sought-after chanters. Voltz JT compliments this message in his verse, expressing that ‘those who used to exalt themselves are having a bite of the humble pie now that roles have been reversed.’

Some of the songs by Master H include Zvirimumoyo, Mwari vakanaka, Mjolo, Kufamba nekutenda, Melody, and It doesn’t matter, amongst others.

Meanwhile on Twitter: #Nawanadem is trending with companies using the hashtag on their posts.

Master H’s rise to prominence was marked by his performances and unique style, which drew comparisons to the late Soul Jah Love, a legendary Zimdancehall artist.

Check out Dhanzi by Master H featuring Voltz JT via the link below and share your comments with us.

Master H – Dhanzi ft Voltz JT Official Video_ Nawanadem

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