Magnify: A Review of Pastor Bonnie Deuschle’s latest Worship Song

Magnify: A Review of Pastor Bonnie Deuschle’s latest Worship Song

Pastor Bonnie Deuschle, along with Janet Manyowa, Tembalami, and Pastor G, recently released a new worship song titled ‘Magnify.’

The song is the latest offering in a larger project that Pastor Bonnie revealed will be on the next album.

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“This will be a collaborative project and we continue to aim to capture the atmosphere of worship. We as a created collective have an audience of one- Our Heavenly Father,” she said.

Pastor Bonnie Deuschle is joined by her musical family, including her children Sarah, Jonathan and Tommy; Taps Mugadza, Nigel Nyangombe and Bernice Tianna Munyaradzi creating a true sense of congregated unity.

The song was produced by Nigel Nyangombe, Pastor Tom Deuschle II who worked as the executive producer as well as Daniel Deuschel and Tremier Msipa who are the contributing producers.

Mixing and mastering were done by Tamie Bimha.

According to Pastor Bonnie, the song serves as a reminder that believers are part of something greater than themselves.

“Psalm 34:3 exhorts us to magnify the Lord together. Our prayer is that the rich sound and lyrics, along with the Celebrations signature flavour of Africa, will move your spirit and cause you to desire to Magnify the Lord,” she explained.

The lyrics of “Magnify” call listeners to put God back in the centre of their lives, in the face of trials and tribulations, reminding them that God is bigger and greater than any problem they may be facing.

The song encourages listeners to ascribe worth and value to God, putting Him in His rightful place and making Him bigger in their lives.

Listen to Magnify below

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