Living Within Dreams, As They Come Alive

Living Within Dreams, As They Come Alive

Story of impact… This column shines light on the movers and shakers in our society.  The aim is to show that its possible and it can be done.

My Afrika Magazine columnist Sympathy Sibanda (SS) met with a young and vibrant television personality Ronald Gwatidzo (RG) to share on his inspiring journey.

Born Ronald Ngonidzashe Gwatidzo, the 22-year-old is a student in his final year, studying for an honors degree in film, radio and television production with the University of Zimbabwe. Sociable, Hardworking, Ambitious and Spiritual are the key words that best describes him. Gwatidzo is a television host and news anchor equipped with good oratory skills and confidence. His goal is to show the world and inspire someone that where your gift is that is where your money is.

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SS: Are you in the path you have always wanted to be on?

RG: Yes! I have always imagined myself being on TV from a very you age. Well, it was also propelled by my mom. I grew up with a single mother and most of my me time growing up was watching TV. I vividly remember how my mother used to let me watch the Mai Chisamba show, back then when it would air on Sundays after the 8pm news. I would then mimic her and act like I’m a host of my own TV show lol. So indeed, I’ve always wanted this. I didn’t know it would happen so early but well, here it is, and I just had to embrace it.

SS: How do you keep humble with all you have achieved at this tender age?

RG: For starters, I am grateful for the little that I have achieved. I owe it all to the grace of God. Well, life is about choices and character is built. I believe when you choose to want to be something or to do something then you can surely do it. I have always been humbled firstly because of my background. I never despise where I came from and how I have fought some battles to see myself through. That alone, humbles me and gives me a lower seat to know that I still am learning, and I can only grow myself through being humble. Most importantly, my faith keeps me grounded. Being a devoted Christian, I have loved the fact that God is the boss of my life and that alone means I should be humble because there’s always someone or something that’s higher than me. There’s someone who’s going to be better after all, so why be proud?

SS: Media industry is a versatile industry; how do you ensure you stay winning?

RG: Well, in all its diversity, media works with structures of how things are done. This can differ from organisation to organisation but that’s the basis. Following structures and keeping in your lane makes one a winner. Do what you’re told to do and don’t ask what is not at your disposal. Don’t be a threat to those who have welcomed you, instead, seek advice from them. That way you win in media.

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SS: Which people do you look up to?

RG: That is going to be different people in different entities of media spaces for I wish to continually pursue. In producing, I really emulate my brother Brian Nyasha Tawanda Musuna who has been very instrumental in my career as a producer. I’ve certainly learnt a lot from him and I still am. I’m also largely inspired by Tendai ‘Sokostina’ Garwe, The Queen Kong. Mainly because she, at one point did both tv and radio. Her originality is unmatched, and I am privileged to have her as one of my mentors in my life.

SS: What’s Ronnie’s life like in five years’ time?

RG: Tricky one however in 5 years’ time, I am going to be bigger, and I will be a brand. I believe in youth empowerment, particularly the marginalized in the rural areas. I want to be able to offer trainings to those talented but without opportunities. Through God’s grace, in five years’ time we should be having the same humble Ronald, more energetic and smoother in his art.

SS: Who keeps you calm?

RG: The holy spirit of course. He is omnipresent and always with me. Gives me reason to be calm and collected all the time.

SS: What can you say about your daily activities?

RG: My day starts with prayer of course and gets to a shower and breakfast. I usually finalize everything for the day during breakfast. These days because I stay at school. I start off with lessons then proceed to radio if I have a slot. I also document events of some of my interesting days down as I intend to release a book in that regard. TV is normally done pre-recorded and on shifts. My day always ends with Prayer like how it would have started.

SS: What do you do for fun?

RG: Most people think I’m an outgoing person but I’m not much of that. I like to keep to myself, and I enjoy my own company a lot.

SS: Tell us about your hopes, aspirations, and dreams when you were aged 10.

RG: My 10th birthday is one I don’t forget.  I was in Grade five and that is the year I met my own father for the first time. My dream was to be an actor and be on screen. I loved Robocop a lot to an extent that my cousins identified by some of the characters’ names. I hoped for a father’s love which I never got. The goal to become a confident someone was clear. I was the youngest member of the drama club at Baring Primary School. An active choir member and a motivated member of the debate and public speaking club. I was also the youngest in the Boys Hockey Manicaland province team. So much was already happening at 10 and I think that trained me to handle media pressure.

SS: What an inspiration Ronnie, I wish you all the love and success in your life!

RG: The sky is not the limit and thank you for having me

Sympathy Sibanda

I love life, am a creative, a published author and a serial entrepreneur. Award winning Co-founder at Amandla Brands.

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  1. I am delighted by this interview, all the best to you Ronald (my Classmate, brother and friend ).God bless your career, indeed you are destined for greater heights .

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