She is rising fast to become Harare’s most wanted commercial model. And, at just seventeen, the horizons are wide and shimmering with possibilities for her.

Born Sharlom Chantel Basela, Lalerol describes the circumstances that put her into modelling as a combination of both push and pull factors.

The dreams of appearing on the covers of glossy magazines and billboards lured her into the razzmatazz world of commercial modelling, while the negative comments she got from a section of the community about her body pushed her into putting to good use the “skinny and spindly” figure they laughed at.

It’s been just a year since Lalerol’s career turned professional, but she’s already worked on several projects that range from promotional, print, fashion to pageantry under the management of United African Modelling Agency.

She has also struck a cordial working relationship with brands Faith Candy and Royalty Luxury Boutique.

When not cat-walking or posing in front of the camera, Lalerol sells beauty and fashion products to supplement her income.

She attended Dominion Heights college in Harare and is the last-born child in a family of three girls. She is also a basketball player and enjoys baking and reading in her downtime.

Despite having started her career in a local industry riddled with its own fair share of challenges which include underfunding and exploitation, Lalerol’s dreams will not be stunted by anything.

“I would like to be recognised as one successful model in the industry; traveling around the world and be on the cover of Vogue”, she says in a tone lit with confidence and optimism.

For a mere teenager, the industry can be a minefield that calls for one to tread with caution. Any wrong foot in the wrong place can lead to one’s downfall. But luckily, for Lalerol, she hasn’t faced any major challenge or threat in her career, apart from the usual bout of low self-esteem and judgment from society.

But she knows how to handle this.

“The best way is to remember why you started, where you want to be and focus on yourself”.

To anyone contemplating to take modelling as a career, Lalerol advises the best way to start is… to just start.

“Take the first step towards your aspiration. Once you enter the industry, commitment and communication must be your motto and you will fly high”.

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