Kariba-based author spreads wings

Kariba-based author spreads wings

Kariba based 31-year-old Vimbai Chizarura penned a book with a theme on loyalty. The key message shows the importance of loyalty in all walks of life.

In the 21st century with social media advancement so many people are idolising ills like cheating.

Asked on the inspiration behind her first book, Chizarura said,

“We all want to be involved with reliable people to have systems around us that are sustainable. My motivation to pen a book on loyalty resulted from a chain of personal events. My mother was critically ill the year I started my book draft and having to take care of her and still balance my 8am to 5pm job, really got me thinking about loyalty. I also had private storms in my love relationship afterwards. What else could have been more convenient than to write something to encourage someone to be selfless in life, even though life was taking a toll I never understood.”

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Chizarura added that she is working on her second book using the knowledge acquired in her first.

“I’m excited to be working on my second book which has some of my real life experiences, each time I am working on it,” she said.

The book has been well received among the Zimbabwean and Nigerian market.

“The price of loyalty was launched online with a guest of honour from Nigeria,” said Chizarura.

Pastor Victoria Olawa described the book as relevant in today’s society where loyalty is not a priority.

“I have gone through Vimbai’s book, it’s power-packed, written with so much simplicity but that does not even negate the wisdom contained in it, as it touched many aspects of loyalty in our day to day lives,” Oluwale said at the book launch.

Chizarura promised to keep on promoting the reading culture and is targeting many sales to tourists who visit the beautiful Kariba.

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