Game on for the 2023 Zimbabwe elections

Game on for the 2023 Zimbabwe elections

It’s said an early bird catches the worm. Days after the confirmation of their 2023 presidential nomination for the 2023 presidential candidacy was made, the two front runners in the Presidential race, incumbent President ED Mnangagwa who is ZANU PF’s presidential candidate and Nelson Chamisa the representative of the newly formed CCC party kicked off their party campaigns.

ZANU PF party started off their campaign in Chipinge, where revealed their party manifesto. President E.D Mnangagwa praised the people of Chipinge for their support.

The 1st secretary of the ruling party, E.D Mnangagwa defined the ruling party as a people centered party that is committed to develop Zimbabwe. He further said, since the second republic took reigns in November 2017 the lives of many Zimbabweans have improved especially in terms of food and security, health, electricity among many other developments.

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“Since coming into office. The government has resolved fuel and power shortages and also built and rehabilitated key infrastructure, notably roads through local entities, thereby enhancing the skills of local,” said President E.D Mnangagwa.

On the same day the 24th of June, Nelson Chamisa and his CCC team had crossed the border of Zimbabwe to their Southern African neighbors, where they were received by thousands of Zimbabweans who mostly had migrated to South Africa to seek for greener pastures.

“This is the year, the time is now, on August 23 our goal is to win big because a small margin is going to be a problem,” said Chamisa

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He further urged members of Zimbabwe to return home and support the party.

“Let us go back home and mobilise we count on you,” he said.

During his address he said his government will embrace transformation and diversity.
He also thanked, South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa for the extension of the ZEP permits deadline for Zimbabweans.

The CCC leader said the launch of their manifesto will be conducted in the coming weeks.

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