Future Nyoni: Zimbabwe’s trailblazer in international modelling

Future Nyoni: Zimbabwe’s trailblazer in international modelling

Future Nyoni, the 1st runner-up in the Mister Africa International Zimbabwe 2023 competition, proudly represented Zimbabwe at the regional Mister Africa International last year, hosted virtually. Nyoni made history as the first Zimbabwean model to reach the top 2 in this prestigious competition, also earning nominations in more than six categories and charming the judges as the Best Dressed Male Model in formal wear.

In an exclusive interview with My Afrika Magazine reporter Tapiwanashe Rubaya (TR), Future Nyoni (FN) shares insights into his journey since being crowned 1st runner-up of Africa’s biggest male pageant. He also discusses fatherhood, the celebration of African culture, and his favorite tourist spot, the Great Lakes of Africa’s forest.

TR: How has your journey been since you won the title Mister Africa International 1st runner-up?
FN: It has been a time to foster and build relationships with those excelling in the industry. I have had the privilege of judging at the Misters of Zimbabwe and the Truth Modeling Academy Graduation. On Africa Day, at our Christian Centre International Church, we celebrated by showcasing various African fashions, and I was part of the judging team. Additionally, I am grooming young upcoming models in my town.

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TR: If you could change anything about the world, what would it be and why?
FN: The world is one, but within it, there are many inequalities. If we could all recognize ourselves as one human race, we could work towards balancing these imbalances. For example, there are those who have excess while others live in deep poverty. If the right hand complemented the left, we could have a poverty-free world and live together in harmony.

TR: Last month, the continent commemorated Africa Day. How did you spend your day?
FN: On Africa Day, we hosted Africa Day Fashion celebrations at our church, proudly showcasing the rich and diverse African culture our continent has.

TR: Why do you think it’s important to celebrate Africa Day?
FN: It reminds us of our independence from colonial rule and apartheid, as well as celebrating our culture and identity. It’s also a day to reflect on the continent’s progress economically, politically, socially, and scientifically.

TR: Given an opportunity to travel across the continent, which countries would you like to visit?
FN: Africa is home to a variety of wildlife, and I am particularly interested in experiencing gorillas. I would love to visit the DRC, Rwanda, or Uganda to interact with the endangered mountain gorillas. Unfortunately, political instability, human encroachment, and forest degradation are pushing mountain gorillas towards extinction. In the Virunga Massif, an area I would like to visit, mountain gorillas are threatened by poaching, disease, and deforestation. Through my visit, I aim to understand how residents have adapted to living harmoniously with wildlife, as this knowledge can help mitigate human-animal conflict in areas like Hwange and Victoria Falls.

TR: Speaking about charity and community work, what projects are you conducting within your community?
FN: Along with other local models, I regularly visit old people’s homes to help by cleaning and sometimes providing basic groceries.

TR: As we wrap up the month of June, we celebrated Father’s Day. How do you define fatherhood?
FN: Fatherhood means being responsible, not only to your immediate family but to everyone in your community, especially those without a biological father who need love, support, and presence.

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TR: What are the biggest challenges faced by fathers?
FN: The extra load of responsibility to protect and meet their family’s emotional and financial needs, especially during economic hardships, can lead to mental health issues if not properly handled.

TR: Recently, we have seen family photoshoots of you, your partner, and your son. Do you see any of your modeling attributes manifesting in your son?
FN: It’s too early to judge. He mostly doesn’t enjoy photoshoots, but sometimes attributes can run in the blood.

TR: Describe a moment when you had to demonstrate grace under pressure.
FN: I work in the public sector and often encounter people with different and difficult scenarios. Sometimes, I have to use my discretion to assist, even when my work guidelines make it difficult. Being humane is essential in these situations.

TR: What role do you think technology can play in addressing social and environmental challenges?
FN: Technology is integral to humanity, addressing numerous issues quickly and reaching many people at once. It can educate people on drug and substance abuse and alert us to impending natural disasters, helping minimize their impact.

TR: What’s next?
FN: I am looking forward to breaking into the international modeling industry, beyond Africa.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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