Future-Focused Females: Charting pathways to success

Future-Focused Females: Charting pathways to success

A women’s breakfast meeting took place at Cresta Lodge, aimed at celebrating strength, resilience, and boundless potential. The event organizer, Bongani Makoni, stressed the importance of such gatherings, which were long overdue and much needed.

“Supporting one another as women is crucial; before facing life’s challenges, we must stand united,” said Bongani Makoni, emphasizing the notion of being each other’s keeper.

Attendees left feeling empowered and prepared to navigate their personal and professional journeys, having engaged in informative presentations, meaningful connections, and shared experiences.

Memory Shenje eloquently addressed property matters, delving into property investment and offering insights into real estate wealth-building. From understanding market trends to navigating property ownership complexities, Shenje’s presentation provided practical tips for informed investment decisions.

Theodora Chinembiri imparted valuable financial lessons, urging attendees to prioritize saving and future planning.

“Money is fragile; it should be handled with care, considering the volatile economy,” Chinembiri advised.

Estate planning was similarly elucidated by Chipo Mafunga, advocating for the creation of generational wealth and the safeguarding of children’s futures through wills and trusts.

Wellness Coach, Chengetayi Mnisi, highlighted the importance of fitness, urging women to take proactive steps in caring for their bodies. Mnisi’s embodiment of her fitness advice was clear in the video showing her participating in an aerobics class.

The presenters, all accomplished professionals, underscored the benefits of a strong social capital base.

Pamela Marwisa, Operations Director of The Transformation Team, addressed mental health issues, dispelling common misconceptions and encouraging women to prioritize mental well-being and seek help when needed.

Keynote speaker Sharon Bwanya stressed the importance of self-assurance and confidence, urging women to self-evaluate and eliminate anything hindering their best interests.

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“Where we seem to have a challenge, is when it comes to being forward thinking for the sake of our personal progression, where the forward thinking is for our daring ambitions and goals. We somehow seem to temporarily lose the gifting. Remember, being forward thinking implies being proactive and not reactive.” ~ Mrs Bwanya

“Take me for example, I do value loyalty. I can be loyal to a fault, to my own detriment. My loyalty causes me to be so devoted to a point where I will set myself to keep others warm, to a point where I do not want to let down those to whom I would have willingly committed to.” she added

The event concluded with a Raffle Draw, with attendees winning various prizes including Shalom Govero’s book on financial literacy and hampers. The grand prize was an all-expenses-paid holiday courtesy of Easy Stay Holidays, with other attendees receiving discount vouchers for Timeless Beauty Spa.

The event provided educational and therapeutic respite from daily routines, complemented by a delightful culinary experience.

“The biggest highlight for me was around the intricacies of will writing and estate planning.
It was a reality check of how being unprepared for your death can leave a trail of confusion or disaster for those that remain if you are not organized and clear.” added Makoni

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