From Seventies to Stardom: Gogo Dorcas Muranda’s inspirational journey in music

From Seventies to Stardom: Gogo Dorcas Muranda’s inspirational journey in music

In an industry and world that glorifies youth and image, Gogo Dorcas Muranda stands in her own league. She is a singer who launched her career just a few years back in her seventies. Since then, she has launched an album and recently released a single titled “Tizozorora Tasvika” which she collaborated on with Agatha Murudzwa. The single has found a special place for listeners around the world and is currently on the famed ‘Zimpapers Gospel Greats Top 20 Countdown’.

Muranda spoke to us about the genesis of her new work and the interesting path is led her on. *KM – Kudzai Mhangwa, DM – Dorcas Muranda (Dorcas Muranda’s responses were originally in ChiShona and were translated to English by Mhangwa)

KM: Thank you for agreeing to this interview. Please start by telling us how old you are?

DM: I’m seventy-seven years of age. I was born on the 18th of February 1947.

KM: What inspired you to start a gospel singing career in your seventies?

DM: What motivated me to start singing was because I was already a preacher, but I then began having dreams of myself singing various songs. I then began recording the songs on my phone and showed them to my children. My children enjoyed the music and helped me to record my first nine-track album [Dombo Ndi Jesu] which was released in 2021. Eight of the songs were from my dreams while one was a hymn. My children, relatives, friends and churchmates were encouraging of me however, I was very shy of what people would say.

KM: Where you ever hesitant to begin a career in music at your age?

DM: Yes, it wasn’t easy to begin singing at my age, having never sung before but God calling came at an advanced age. I was worried people would question my intentions of singing. Some did not understand it, I just want to thank God that many are happy with my work, many pushing me forward, I’m grateful to God. My wish is that I can release as many songs as possible, I have so many! But I can’t record all of them because recording sessions are expensive. I’m thankful to those who have helped me. But my deepest desire is that I release all these songs before I die.

Picture1-1 From Seventies to Stardom: Gogo Dorcas Muranda's inspirational journey in music

KM: How was it like recording music for the first time?

DM: You never get used to this work because it’s the Lord’s work. If you are a preacher, you never say you are an expert. On my first days I was scared, I was nervous in studio, I felt like I was failing, and I was a bother but now I want to thank God because I’m not as nervous. Nervousness will never go away it’s like preaching, you really must pray for guidance before you stand on the pulpit. God’s works just requires prayer. Some of the studios I go to, the producer prays before we begin work. Even those who don’t pray, I always tell them that I want to pray before my recordings.

KM: What have been your major milestones in your career thus far?

DM: I want to thank God because writing music was not easy but now, I understand the process. I can now network with other musicians. I’m lucky I’ve been invited to various interviews for various newspapers, and I’ve also performed on television. My music has circulated on various radio stations. My voice belongs to an aged person, but my intention is to preach the word of God. I really want people to pay attention to the words I sing.

KM: Your song “Tinozozorora Tasvika” featuring Agatha Murudzwa is on the country’s biggest gospel chart show. Congratulations to you! How does it feel to have your music circulating on radio and around the world?

DM: I want to thank God for helping me write the song, [“Tinozozorora Tasvika”] it wasn’t easy, but I managed to succeed. I’m surprised by people’s reception of the song all over the world. I’m thankful to Agatha Murudzwa, my producer (Blessing Masanga), my sponsors and God for making it such a success. It encourages people to work for God and that we only rest when we pass into the next life.

KM: What else is in store for Gogo Dorcas Muranda this year? What can your fans look out for?

DM: We want to release more music videos and more songs while also traveling to minister the word of God. We have a song that was sponsored by a company named ‘Red Roses’ which we hope to release soon. There is also a song I worked on which deals with substance abuse.

KM: How was your life before this journey began? How has your life changed after the launch of your career if it all?

DM: Before I started singing, people my age are often affected by stress and depression but when I started singing, I’m no longer stressed because I have something that keeps me occupied. This is exciting work.

KM: Thank you so much for agreeing to sit down with us. What are your final words for the readers?

DM: My final words are that we should not be nervous to work for God if we’ve been given work by God and we should discourage someone who has been given work by God. Their age and status don’t matter we should give people the space to do their work freely. To the elderly we should not be nervous to do the work God as assigned us to do. Whether young or old we should do the work of God.

I want to thank everyone who helps me on this journey. My fans, friends and family, radio stations, TV stations, encouragers, my fellow parishioners, both inside and outside of Zimbabwe, be blessed. Us upcoming artists should not be afraid to approached established artists to get help. And let us not tire doing the work of God.

Gogo Dorcas Muranda worked for the Ministry of Health as a rehab technician until her retirement. Her social media accounts are growing in following and subscribers.

Kudzai Mhangwa

Kudzai Mhangwa is a writer, actor and musician. He writes poetry, plays, essays and short stories. His work has been featured on House of Mutapa, Atrebla Magazine, Ka'edi Africa, Poetry Soup and elsewhere.

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