Exclusive: The indomitable and inspiring gospel musician Mai Mwamuka set to launch album

Exclusive: The indomitable and inspiring gospel musician Mai Mwamuka set to launch album

Margaret Mwamuka (nee Kaliyati) affectionately known as Mai Mwamuka is a singer, Chrisitan counselor and devout worshiper. She is a member of the Zaoga Forward in Faith church in Zimbabwe, and it was at church that she got her start at composing and performing her own music. At 51 years of age, Mai Mwamuka recorded her debut album titled ‘Highly Lifted’. She has won the Roil Bulawayo Arts Award for Outstanding Gospel Act (2018) and People’s Choice Award (2021). She is set to launch her latest album ‘Faithful God’ at an all-night praise and worship experience hosted in Bulawayo.

We caught up with Mai Mwamuka to learn about her musical journey, her inspiration, what keeps her going and of course her latest album. *KM – Kudzai Mhangwa, MM – Margaret Mwamuka

KM: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us and congrats on your album coming out! How was it like recording your first album?

Picture1-684x1024 Exclusive: The indomitable and inspiring gospel musician Mai Mwamuka set to launch album

MM: It was a voyage of discovery at 51 years (of age) to learn many new things. It was exciting as it satisfied an internal assignment.

KM: Since you had already released an album and your music had charted on music charts where you confident going into the studio to work on your second album?

MM: My first album ‘Highly Lifted’ was a live DVD in front of not more than twenty people. I was unsure of everything. It would be easier to make a mistake before a few people. Glory to God. Second album ‘Jesus’ was also a live DVD but before a huge audience. EP ‘You Reign’ is predominantly studio recording. Again, I had to begin to learn something new. I came out well. Glory to God.

KM: How was it like working on this latest album?

MM: On the 8th of December 2023 we are launching an album ‘Faithful God’ which we have been working on in the past few months while on the same event we have a hymns live DVD recording of some of the hymns that remain etched in the hearts of many. We trust many lives will be ministered to immensely by these two productions. Glory to God.

KM: You are a member of ZAOGA Forward in Faith church and earlier this year you lost your apostolic father Ezekiel Guti. This happened around the time you planned on launching your EP. How has that experience played out for you?

MM: Dad passed on a day before I was to travel to Harare for a studio recording of the songs we are launching now. My world was crushed as he was the man God used to provoke me to compose songs and serve God fully and die empty. I then realized there was work I had to do and at 50 years, surely time was ticking away. I only managed to go into studio after another two weeks. On hymns project we are recording a medley in remembrance of him. Songs in the medley are, ‘I believe in God’, ‘Fear not Sin not’, ‘It’s coming down’. What an iconic legendary gift God gave us all.

KM: You say that this musical journey is an “assignment”. I love that. Do you believe everyone on earth has an assignment and do you believe God set you on a mission to Minister through music?

MM: I sincerely believe everyone is born to an assignment which we all must seek to discover, pursue, and fulfill. In fulfilling it lies also personal fulfillment. I’m sure when one is fulfilling a God given assignment, one feels a sense that I was born to do this. So, I feel that at times. (Laughs)

KM: There are a lot of challenges in the music industry in Zimbabwe. What are some challenges you have faced?

MM: I am still trying to secure at least just one corporate sponsor. Self-financing is highly limiting to ministerial progress and growth. It takes time to build a reasonable fan base in the gospel industry in Zimbabwe.

KM: What keeps you going in the industry?

MM: The assignment to take God’s message and presence to nations. One always feels there is more to do.

KM: How was it like winning ‘People’s Choice’ award at the Roil Bulawayo awards? That’s such a big award!

MM: Highly humbling but I felt it was a win for the gospel and the body of Christ with God showing us all that the Gospel must have preeminence.

2 Exclusive: The indomitable and inspiring gospel musician Mai Mwamuka set to launch album

KM: Talk to us about the launch. What can your fans expect from the day?

MM: The lineup is well balanced with both young and old. Not only Gospel music but there is comedy, dance, poetry, and drama. We are expecting a serious move of God as mature worship ministers like Pastor Lavy Mlilo (South Africa), Pastor Josh Kays, Minister Wenyasha, Obert Chari, Danmore Elsha (Zimpraise) and many more of our Bulawayo seasoned Young anointed worshipers who are making waves in our city. Fiery gospel groups such as Vocal Ex, One Spirit, Psalms Revealed and many more. It’s a ‘don’t miss’ event for people who love the presence of God that unlocks miracles.

KM: You also released music in your fifties that is very inspiring to many people who want to go after their dreams. What are your final words of encouragement to readers?

MM: Hold on to your dream. Don’t be expired cargo. Judgement day is coming. We must all give an account of the gifts God gave us. Marriage must not kill your gift. Be encouraged. It’s not too late to serve again.

Kudzai Mhangwa

Kudzai Mhangwa is a writer, actor and musician. He writes poetry, plays, essays and short stories. His work has been featured on House of Mutapa, Atrebla Magazine, Ka'edi Africa, Poetry Soup and elsewhere.

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