Exclusive: Lebohang, a driven and enterprising creative, on an upward trajectory

Exclusive: Lebohang, a driven and enterprising creative, on an upward trajectory

It’s another week and we continue getting deeper and shining light on Africans pushing limits in their respective industries.  We are featuring Lebo Mgidi, an actor, talent scout, and photographer.

Sympathy Sibanda (SS) hosted Lebo for an interesting conversation into his creative journey in South Africa, and what to look forward to.

SS: Welcome to My Afrika Magazine Lebo.

LM: It is my pleasure.

SS: I, like many other people know Lebo as an actor. Tell us more about you.

LM: Apart from being a professional actor, I try my best in exploring other genres of art like photography, cinematography, and exploring different cultural cuisines because being chef was my first call before I decided to be an actor.

SS: Have you always known that you’d be an actor?

LM: Yes, I’ve always known I’d be an actor. Tracking the amount of dedication, I put in my craft from the beginning till now always gave me faith that one day I’ll be on screen doing what I love best.

SS: Interesting. What was your first role?

LM: In theatre my first role was an emotionally wounded street kid named Lilo while on TV Docuseries I was Trevor a con artist on a show called Conned which aired on SABC 2.

SS: Who is your all-time favourite actor?

LM: Not to be cheesy, it has to be Leonardo DiCaprio and Hugh Jackman.

SS: Any crazy acting dreams you have?

LM: You said crazy right? I wanna be the first Marvel superhero from South Africa.

SS: What role are you currently playing?

LM: I’m currently playing the character of Linda a guy’s guy and journalist from the hood who isn’t afraid of going an extra mile or do anything in his power to get what he wants. Even if it means turning into a woman. So far, Linda has been two women.

SS: And the tea, Linda’s storyline on Scandal is getting heated. Can you spill a bit on what to expect in the coming episodes?

LM: People should expect more drama and a lot of nail-biting entertainment. At whatever costs, Linda always finds the truth because he always takes big risks that jeopardise his life and career. He always gets things done.

SS: For a character like Linda, what’s your personal process for preparing for that role?

LM: Not to divulge everything, secret ingredient (wink) but what I can say is that I studied acting for four years and experimental was a major bonus for creating the Linda character and all other characters I’ve played in my life. I researched as much as I can about the character and used some of the European, American, Asian, and South African techniques of acting and some guidance from my former lecturer Ms. Karina Lemmer helped.

Hehehe, Linda even has a stash of sanitary product? He is killing it at as a woman shame! #etvscandal

SS: Any challenges you’ve faced and how you overcame?

LM: I always had a challenge with being a hustler and never settling. I’m still a work in progress. I got to terms with the fact that I need to constantly look for the next big thing, better than what I had to last time.

SS: Snooping into comments online is my hobby and once or twice I saw some ladies wonder how you can look that beautiful both as a man and woman.  Any beauty tips for us?

LM: Lol, Well just wash your face twice a day. When you wake up and before you go to bed, at least that’s the technique I use when I’m a lady.

SS: I love that beauty secret. Moving on, If you’re not acting, what are you up to?

LM: I am a talent scout for Triune actors’ agency but besides that I’m working to grow my photography business and my new studio is in Joburg.

SS: On Scandal you seem to really care about your sister Jacquie. Do you have any sisters in real life?

LM: Yes, I do have a sister and I also grew up in a house full of ladies. This is why, I guess one of the reasons I get to really connect with my feminine side and understand women.

SS: Oh well, I have to ask on behalf of my committed readers and fans of Scandal. Is Lebo taken?

LM: By God yes. And well yes, I’m currently in a new relationship.

SS: Your message to that fan reading this.

LM: Be you, be you, be you. Live life to the fullest just by being your authentic self.

SS: And for those who may want to reach you for bookings and your photography, how can they reach you?

LM: I’m very active on my socials and they can get in touch through the following:

Instagram: @austinlebo_m or @Explore_by_Austin_m and Facebook: Lebohang Mgidi

SS: I enjoyed talking to you Lebo. All the best in everything you do. Hope to host you again soon!

LM: It’s been a pleasure Sympathy, thank you.

Sympathy Sibanda

I love life, am a creative, a published author and a serial entrepreneur. Award winning Co-founder at Amandla Brands.

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