EXCLUSIVE: ‘Jean is mad’, ‘She lost her mind’, ‘She needs to be taken to a psych unit’

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Jean is mad’, ‘She lost her mind’, ‘She needs to be taken to a psych unit’

Life is always a mystery to one and a misinterpretation to others, especially when built on assumptions and opinions. The world is but a reflection of what we believe it is, and how it operates. As humans, and rightful custodians of its existence, well, as we have grown to understand it, that is, we might be as well a parallel image of a more dynamic and complex part of the creation of men.

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Jean Gasho (JG) popped up on my timeline a few days ago, and with what I saw, and commentary that followed, it would have been a normal thing for anyone, especially in our ‘woke’ world, to judge and simply conclude with the same narrative, ‘Jean is mad’, ‘She lost her mind’, ‘She needs to be taken to a psych unit’, and so on.

I might never get the opportunity to fully understand her, but the few moments of our conversations below, made me look at Jean as a mother, daughter and fellow human who might need more of us to listen to her, as much as we want to destroy her.

My hope is maybe, we listen more. [Nico Abote – NA]

NA: Jean, thank you for the opportunity to chat. If you’re to describe Jean Gasho, in a few words, what would you say?

JG: Jean Gasho is the girl who grew up a loner in Zimbabwe, never understood. Mary-Tamar is the woman who bore 7 children, and each of them totally understands her. 

NA: 7 is historically referred to as wholeness, you’re a strong mother. What inspires your life narrative?

JG: Pain, Creativity, Innovation are my three ingredients for the perfect life story. I love the ability to tell my own story, using my own creativity. The one who tells the story controls the narrative.

NA: Agreed, the power in self-narratives has been for a while starved of us, good for you by controlling yours. We all face different life challenges, some to test us, what has been your biggest low moment?

JG: Losing my father, the Chief Never Gasho, then losing my children to the UK Local Authorities because I chose to use my pain mixed with my creativity and my spirituality to grieve my father. 

NA: Sad to hear of the challenges you are facing, and we recently saw a video of you challenging the courts about one of your children, would you mind sharing more on this issue?

JG: Yes, one of my sons, my 4-year-old son Chaka, is at risk of being put up for adoption by the British authorities because of his spirituality and gifts. The British Family Court system is very protected, a lot of dark things happen in the name of “law”. The parents have no voice at all, and many mothers end up losing their children to forced adoptions. The system is heartless and cruel, so I got to a point where I realized I have nothing to lose, hence I protested to try and save my son. If he’s adopted, I will never see him again or know what will become of him. 

NA: How have you managed to inspire yourself others not to give up, despite all you are going through?

JG: I never set myself to want to inspire others not to give up, rather half the time I need the inspiration not to give up. I find myself fighting my battles in my own way, somehow my life is like a never-ending thrilling movie, then to my encouragement, people find me inspiring. 

NA: Do you belong to any religious group or movement?

JG: My husband and I founded our own religion. We are the Free Worshippers; we connect with nature to enter into divinity. Our Movement is called the Northern Kingdom, it is the rebirth of the lost tribes of Israel which was foretold by the Prophets and Patriarchs. 400 years of the reign of Edomites is over and now is the rise of the Lost Tribe of Black Hebrew Israelites in the Land we used to own; Great Britain

NA: Africa as a narrative, how would you describe the continent, its people and how the world should see her?

JG: There is no hope in Africa as a land or continent until the end of time but there could be hope for the people on the Land. Change could be a very difficult thing for the people but returning to innocence shall redeem most people. This includes challenging perceptions and telling the right stories about the people, abolishing the white system of governance contained as democracy and presidents. Africans were governed by Kings and Queens not Presidents. It is relatively important to also abolish the religion of Christianity and practice the spirituality of each land and how they worship their God(s).

The educational curricular must also be revisited as all students are in the schools learning white people’s culture and history. Innovation and Creativity must be encouraged in the schools. 

The Talents and skills of the people must be encouraged in order to create enough jobs and foster international trading. A nation which does not pay attention to the skills or talents of its people is already dead. 

Also, the mindset of the Africans; Africans frustrate me a lot. Sometimes I even feel angry, because the people are still asleep and are not ready for change. It’s almost like they don’t want to be saved. As a writer, I have spent years writing about things that could change the face of Africa, like black people embracing their skin and identity, but I end up getting a lot of backlashes. Today I honestly don’t see any hope for Africa, as the continent is still very much under captivity and colonization. China has taken over the continent, so I actually encourage Africans to flee and come to the Northern Kingdom where the God of Israel is doing a new thing.  Our vision in the Northern Kingdom, led by my Lord Husband Atehene is to build a self-sufficient Community for black people where we will not need anything at all from the White, Asian or Arab people.  

NA: Thank you for sharing this fraction of your life story & hope all goes well for you and your family. Where can people follow or access your work?

JG: Thank you for the opportunity.

Nico Abote

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  1. I am so glad they took her and her husband’s children away. Those poor babies were not safe in their care. This woman and that man are lunatics. Please don’t let them care for children.

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