Exclusive: ‘A family that sings together stays together’ – FaB Fusion story

Exclusive: ‘A family that sings together stays together’ – FaB Fusion story

Serenading revelers and guests at various restaurants is a music outfit so unique and talented. Sometimes, singing as a couple, and at times as a family.

My Afrika magazine columnist Sympathy Sibanda (SS) held an exclusive interview with FaB Fusion (FF) band to shed more light on their operations. Read more below:

SS: Good to have you in this hottest magazine. Please tell us more about FaB Fusion.

FF: Thank you Sympathy, it’s an honour. Whether you prefer rock, Jazz, pop, afro music, or original compositions, you name it, FaB Fusion is the perfect duo. FaB is Faith and Brennan Wyngard, a power couple, who formed FaB Fusion in 2012 and have been moving dynamically since then In love and in music.

acda2914-ab13-434e-8630-70c98028f5a2-683x1024 Exclusive: 'A family that sings together stays together' - FaB Fusion story

SS: You play in many restaurants, something that we usually see in movies. How did you start?

FF: Music is our passion and we thought let’s take this dream further. We started rehearsing at home and built up our diverse repertoire, approached different restaurants to perform, and as they say. The rest is history.

SS: How do you generate revenue from that?

FF: With the restaurants we usually agree on a flat fee according to their budgets which generates revenue.

SS: You play as a family. How do you balance being angry at each other and delivering great performances?

FF: We are family, and family can have squabbles. It’s perfectly normal to have disagreements as a couple but It’s also crucial that personal issues remain out of the workplace. When it comes to performance, it’s work, we have to be professional, and sort out our differences somehow, The show must go on! It’s a blessing as a couple that we do have shared interests and complementary personalities. It’s an advantage that we are also a family that has careers in the same field. We dedicate our free time, to ourselves and family, allowing us to continue to succeed both at home and in the workplace.

SS: You just launched a new single. Tell us more about it.

FF: The new single was a collaboration, as FaB Fusion we love exploring different genres, where fusion comes to play, so we got together with Tatoman and Allan Musarurwa, who do afro-fusion, and we came up with our collaboration single called Inzwai Munamato – a mix of soul, afro and conscious Reggae.

SS: What can we look forward to in your future music plans?

FF: We are definitely working on new compositions, keen to do more collaborations and some regional touring in Zimbabwe.

4388f79b-cfc3-47d0-bad0-fa99ab35b681 Exclusive: 'A family that sings together stays together' - FaB Fusion story

SS: Tell us about the Ovation part of your band.

FF: FaB Fusion duo also works with our bigger band set up called ‘FaB Ovation’, the FaB is still Faith and Brennan, and the Ovation part of it was founded by our dad Nigel Wyngard, who formed a band called Ovation in Bulawayo. So when he moved back to Harare, we formed the big band setup called FaB Ovation in 2014. It has six musicians, Faith Wyngard on lead vocals and guitar, Brennan Wyngard on backing vocals and Bass guitar, Joe Vas on lead guitar, saxophone and backing vocals, Nigel Wyngard on backing vocals and rhythm guitar, Riaan Dreyer on keys and Cole Rusike on drums. So depending on the occasion, we perform as FaB Fusion or FaB Ovation and can be hired for any occasion.

SS: Thank you for sharing your story with us.

FF: Thank you for affording us the opportunity to shine!

Sympathy Sibanda

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