Empowering Farmers, Saving Livestock: The Nkayi Model for sustainable animal nutrition

Empowering Farmers, Saving Livestock: The Nkayi Model for sustainable animal nutrition

In response to the El Niño-induced drought, Nkayi farmer Ntokozo Ncube has taken proactive measures to safeguard his cattle and support his community. Revered locally as Mangwenjengwenje, the 51-year-old has delved into cultivating fodder crops and crafting homemade bush meal feed to sustain his livestock and assist fellow farmers.

Ncube’s proficiency has become indispensable within the community, with many relying on his expertise for cattle upkeep. To meet the escalating demand, he has initiated training programs for community members on feed production techniques. Recognized for his dedication, Ncube is currently undergoing training with Amalima Loko to further refine his skills in animal nutrition and production.

In battling the drought, Ncube cultivates fodder crops such as lablab, velvet bean, and Sunhemp, while crafting bush meal feed involves grinding tree leaves, maize cobs, and other plants mixed with molasses. Despite the drought’s impact on his crops, he primarily relies on bush meal feed to address the demand.

Ncube plays a pivotal role in rehabilitating malnourished cattle and caring for orphaned calves, typically receiving two goats as compensation from cattle owners for his services. Despite his success, Ncube grapples with challenges like water scarcity, limited space, and manpower shortages.

“Reviving the spirit of Nkayi, one herd at a time. 🌿🐄 Meet the man with a green thumb for animal nutrition, Ntokozo Ncube. Since 2012, he’s been turning herbs, trees, and maize combs into life-saving stock feed. His home: a sanctuary where weakened cattle are nurtured back to strength. Sharing his wisdom, he teaches us not just to endure drought, but to thrive through it. [Source: Mat TV Live]

Mhlupheki Dube, Livestock Coordinator at Amalima Loko, affirmed their commitment to promoting fodder production and enhancing animal nutrition. While some crops have fallen victim to the drought, their objective is to empower farmers to produce their feed, sustain healthy livestock, and bolster breeding and production.

Ncube’s initiative stands as a beacon for community-led solutions to mitigate drought effects and bolster livestock farming. His commitment and expertise have made a tangible impact in Nkayi, serving as a potential blueprint for other communities grappling with similar adversities.

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