Chamisa’s allies begin to forge a new path in Zimbabwe

Chamisa’s allies begin to forge a new path in Zimbabwe

In the aftermath of the split from the main opposition party, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), key associates of former opposition leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa are making significant strides in Manicaland province, Zimbabwe, paving the way for a potentially influential political force in the country’s landscape.

Led by former CCC Deputy Spokesperson Hon Ostallos Siziba and accompanied by former MP Chibaya and other prominent figures, the group recently convened in Mutate to engage with Nelson Chamisa’s ardent supporters. This gathering marked the unofficial launch of a mobilization program for what is anticipated to be a new political entity, yet to be officially introduced or named.

In a widely circulated video across various social media platforms, Hon Siziba emphasized their commitment to service over positions, citing the overwhelming support for Advocate Nelson Chamisa among the people. Notably, both the speakers and the audience were adorned predominantly in the color blue, strongly hinting at its potential adoption as the primary color for Chamisa’s forthcoming opposition party.

In an exclusive interview with The Herald, Hon Siziba emphasized that Chamisa has severed ties with the CCC, categorizing it as a thing of the past. “We had a provincial meeting in Mutate attended by democrats from different spheres. We are setting the tone, giving people the new message of hope and the vision for a new Zimbabwe under President Chamisa,” stated Siziba.

He highlighted the grassroots sentiment, asserting that even if some CCC Members of Parliament choose to retain their positions, the voters are aligned with Chamisa’s leadership. Several CCC Members of Parliament and leaders have already defected to rally behind Advocate Chamisa, while others, like Hon Tsvangirai and Mayor Senator David Coltart, are engaging with the public to determine their future course.

Mayor Senator Coltart, expressing support for Chamisa, clarified that he would not step down from his position as Mayor and councillor, though he did not explicitly indicate whether he would part ways with the CCC. The evolving situation is closely followed by the media, with Hon Siziba indicating their next destination for political engagement is Masvingo province, according to Pindula News.

Sources: The Herald and Pindula News.

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