Born and breed in the City of Kings and Queens which is the second largest city of Zimbabwe is Nkwali aka Nomathansanqa Mkwananzi who is among Zimbabwean female artists who are flying the country’s  flag high . 

She started her music career as a singer, dancer and actress when she was young. 

Nkwali grew up loving watching anything that had to do with music, she also loved taking part in church choir, and she fell in love with the arts sector. 

“One day I decided  to take up music and I started  in a dance  theatre company, which shaped my music career,” said Nkwali.

94432428_3029188530504072_7285476036916019200_n-1024x1024 CELEBRATING WOMEN'S MONTH  WITH NKWALI

Nkwali appeared as a dancer and a singer for Germany’s circus , Mother Africa for 11 years before she engaged in a solo career.

Nkwali described the arts industry as an uneasy environment for women as they play a number of duties in day to day lives. She however encouraged other female artists not to throw away the towel and also not to cut corners in life for them to reach to their  goals. 

 “The art industry is very tricky for female artists because you play the role of a wife mother. They have to think twice before you embarked in the industry but if you love being an artist ,why not you will just need to focus.

“Don’t allow anyone to bring you down or to abuse you. Be yourself take it step by step don’t rush,” said Nkwali.

She further said there is need for gender balance in the arts industry.

Nkwali won the Bulawayo Arts Award’s Outstanding Female Artist  of the year and her track song, ‘Halala Lozikeyi’, has won the hearts of many local and international.

She said winning the gong at BAAzw Roil was a surprise to her, as  this was also her first time being nominated.

Her song, ‘Halala Lozikeyi’ is a song which she was given rights by the Dlodlo Trustee to tell the story of one of the late Zimbabwean Heroes the wife of the late King Lobhengula.

Who was regarded as one of the most powerful female, leaders in Zimbabwe.


“They asked me to write a song about Queen Lozikeyi, one of the wives of King Lobhengula, she was powerful and she prepared male soldiers/amabutho spiritual during war times,” she said.

It was through Queen Lozikeyi, that Bulawayo was given the name, ‘komfazi otshaya indoda’.

As Queen Lozikeyi was well known for wrestling with man and beating them.

Nkwali said her culture has sharpened her career.

Nkwali has managed to perform, interns across Europe, America she however said her performance at Dubai Expo last year was a moment of her life.

As she performed in front of the Zimbabwe’s Head of State twice and the President  made a sing along in all of her songs during her performance.  She said this placed a smile to her  and motivated her.

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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