CCC gears up for its selection for aspiring election candidates. 

One of Zimbabwe’s opposition party, Citizen Coalition of Change (CCC), has announced the initial process to its party primary nominations for the aspiring members of Parliament, Council, Senate and proportional Representative.

During a media briefing, CCC Secretary for Elections, Ian Makone informed the members of the press that every decision that they make as a party, it comes from the public. 

He further said there will be three tiers of selecting their party representatives in all sectors.

The first being the citizens nomination along with their data base, the second is the Independent stake holders and thirdly any individual who is not registered in their data base will have the opportunity to adhere themselves.                       

“In an event that more than one nominee comes up for position, there will be a process of consultation in the community followed by second round of interface with the community to arrive at a single candidate for elected process…” said Makoni. 

He also added that a full list of successful candidates will be announced and further validated before confirmation by National Citizen Assembly. 

“The nomination process will commence on April 5 and the party will be present in all wards nationally,” said Makoni.

Speaking in the same atmosphere, Deputy spokesperson of the CCC, O Siziba said from the 1st to the 5th of April which is the coming week which will be their nomination week. 

He further added that they will be looking at the reputation of the candidate.

Also, if whether the candidate resides in that community or not. As only candidates will derive from their community.

 “Make sure fellow citizens must elect Parliamentarians, councillors etc. who work and will work with their community,” said Siziba. 

Siziba said the selection process was done to do away with imposition. Previously some members of the public have been lamenting the way they are being represented by people who are not from their wards and constituencies. 

The 2023 general Elections will become the first general Elections being contested by the Citizen of Coalition for Change Party.

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