CAN YOU SEE US – movie (Zambia-Netflix)

CAN YOU SEE US – movie (Zambia-Netflix)

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A gripping tale that is inspired by a true-life story, Can They see Us? is a story of a little joy, Joseph, who lives with albinism. It highlights the many challenges he faces growing up and how music and love become his solace and strength to overcome.

It is both an inspirational and aspirational story of self-discovery and diversity. The emotional appeal of the movie tugs at the heartstrings of every human and ignites mindset change towards our brothers and sisters living with albinism globally. The story cuts across cultural, religious, racial and ethnicity barriers.

Written and Executive Produced by Zambian legend Mr. Lawrence Thompson, Directed by Kenny Roc Mumba a winner of the prestigious Lories Award and Promax Award and Produced by Yasmin Dodia a pan African producer who has worked on global brands and received numerous nominations at this year’s Sotambe Awards for, Can You see Us?.

Produced by Yasmin Dodia, one of few female pan African producers with unwavering passion for African stories, her pursuit of excellence, and her ability to create authentic and impactful content that continues to inspire and captivate audiences while leaving a lasting impression.

Filmed in Zambia in 2021 with over 150 cast and crew members from around Africa, including countries such as Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa. The film is a testament that African’s can unite to create world class content.

The movie received the attention of His Excellency, the Republican president of Zambia, who is the first president to attend a red-carpet premier in Zambia and maybe in Africa. In his words after the screening where he shared his review of Can They See Us, “The movie “Can You see Us?”, is a gripping tale of a little boy’s difficult childhood. The setting, music and cinematography were on point though some scenes were emotional to watch.”

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The star of the movie is a young girl living with albinism, Thabo Kaamba, who courageously took on the role of a little boy, Joseph. Her courage and commitment to embodying this character that faces challenges so close to her own is heartwarming.

The movie is the first feature film out of Zambia to hit the global platform, Netflix which will begin streaming on 27th August 2023. Set your reminders on Netflix and do enjoy this one-of-a-kind story out of Africa to the world.

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