CAF launches global campaign “Our AFCON, Our Pride”

CAF launches global campaign “Our AFCON, Our Pride”

PRESS RELEASE: “Our AFCON, Our Pride” celebrating impact of TotalEnergies CAF Africa Cup of Nations to bring Africans together globally. As part of the build-up to the TotalEnergies CAF Africa Cup of Nations Cote d’Ivoire 2023, the Confédération Africaine de Football (“CAF”) has announced the launch of a new campaign, #OurAFCON, which is an integral part of the broader initiative of #PrideOfAfricanFootball.

The campaign is the main message and focus for the upcoming edition of the TotalEnergies CAF Africa Cup of Nations. It celebrates African football and highlights the immense sense of pride that Africans around the world and in Africa feel during the competition. #PrideOfAfricanFootball is a celebration of being a proud African in diverse forms, emphasizing the unity and cultural richness of the continent. In this case, Our AFCON is OUR PRIDE!

The TotalEnergies CAF Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), the biggest event on African soil, has long been a source of inspiration, passion, and unity for Africans worldwide. #OurAFCON is a captivating 360-degree campaign that transcends on-ground marketing, digital marketing, social media, infotainment, user-generated content, and more. It’s a comprehensive effort to engage with and celebrate the diverse African audience, both on and off the field.

The heart of #OurAFCON lies in its multiple episodic stories, each designed to breathe life into the profound sense of pride that individuals of African descent experience when AFCON takes center stage. These narratives will not only showcase the love for the beautiful game but also delve into how AFCON is a global celebration of African culture in all its vibrant forms, from music to art and beyond.

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Through this campaign, all Africans around the world will have the opportunity to share their heartfelt messages with their national teams, expressing their hopes and dreams for their beloved squads. This call to action is a crucial aspect of #OurAFCON, as it empowers every African to be part of the celebration and to contribute to the collective spirit of unity and pride that defines this remarkable competition.

The campaign will highlight inspiring stories of African communities around the globe coming together to cheer their teams, forge new friendships, and embrace their rich cultural roots. #OurAFCON seeks to convey the emotions, exhilaration, and the powerful sense of pride that surges through every African’s heart during this thrilling competition.

As the world eagerly anticipates the forthcoming TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations, CAF invites everyone to join us on this captivating journey. Whether you are cheering from the bustling streets of Abidjan or the vibrant neighborhoods across Africa and beyond; #OurAFCON is the platform where your connection to the continent, your passion for football, and your celebration of African culture will shine.

Stay tuned for an unforgettable experience as #OurAFCON launches, sharing the stories that define the unbreakable bond between Africans worldwide and the TotalEnergies CAF Africa Cup of Nations.

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