Bulawayo’s Rising Rap Sensation: Meet Sage M-One

Bulawayo’s Rising Rap Sensation: Meet Sage M-One

Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, rapper Sage M-One is making his mark with his distinct flow and socially conscious lyrics. Though Sage can be considered to be an underground rapper, his talent and passion have garnered attention, positioning him as a rising star within the Zimbabwean hip-hop landscape.

Sage M-One’s sonic identity leans towards the traditional boom-bap style of hip-hop, characterized by head-nodding beats and clever wordplay. His rhymes often touch upon themes relevant to everyday life in Bulawayo, reflecting the struggles and aspirations of the city’s youth. This local focus resonates with listeners, forging a strong connection between the artist and his audience.

While details of his discography remain scarce, glimpses of his musical journey can be found through online platforms like YouTube and Apple Music. One notable instance is his participation in the 2021 DGV Rap Battles, a platform showcasing Zimbabwean rap talent. His battle against Briza, held at Red Cafe in Bulawayo, drew attention to his sharp lyrical skills and stage presence.

Despite a limited online presence, Sage M-One’s presence on social media hints at a dedicated and passionate artist. He frequently interacts with fans, showcasing his music and engaging in discussions about the local hip-hop scene. This direct connection with his audience fuels his artistic growth and fosters a loyal fanbase.
While Sage M-One’s career is still in its early stages, his potential is undeniable. His ability to blend classic hip-hop influences with relevant local themes creates a sound that resonates with listeners both within and beyond Bulawayo.

As he continues to hone his craft and connect with his audience, the future looks bright for this rising star of Zimbabwean hip-hop.

We bumped into Sage recently and he brought us up to speed on what he has been doing. He has been in the lab working on a new track called “PRXBLMS”. This is what he had to say:

MM: Can you share the inspiration behind your upcoming single? What motivated you to create this particular track?

M-One: PRXBLMS is a track I started writing back in 2017 I think. It was inspired by a J. Cole song titled ‘Problems’ though mine addresses emcee to emcee problems like beef, hate, d*ck measuring and the likes. I was motivated to do this because when I then edited the verses and added the second verse, lots of youngins be coming my way and acting like they lyrical geniuses yet I can flip words and styles all day.


MM: How would you describe the overall vibe and mood of the song? What emotions do you hope listeners will experience?

M-One: The song is an emcee track. Done for rappers and dedicated to the Hip Hop Industry. The listener should feel impressed and in awe about the rap skills, patterns, word play and overall metaphores on display.

MM: What makes this single stand out from your previous releases? Any unique elements or surprises for your audience?

M-One: This track is slower than the way I usually rap. I have a small voice so generally I cruise with the delivery. On this one I’m laid back and stating facts more clearly. #sage_slowed😂.

MM: Can you give us a glimpse into the creative process behind the production of the track? Any interesting anecdotes or challenges you faced?

M-One: The track, began as a one verse freestyle that i never released. Later on I met up with a new school producer, LoshyZW and he had a beat sitting around. We played around with it and I felt that verse come. Of course I updated some lyrics and added a whole other verse and still no chorus. Emcess don’t need no chorus. That beat too sick. Check out the saxophone added to the hook area, Loshy came up with that and we decided that will serve as the chorus. The idea for the song was to concentrate on the raps.

MM: Are there specific influences or artists that played a role in shaping the sound of this single?

M-One: The concept and inspiration behind this track, it is mostly an expression and also me testing myself out to see if I can go with a beat so free flowing and requiring a slower pace and style.

MM: Did you collaborate with any other artists or musicians on this project? If so, how did their contributions enhance the final product?

M-One: No collabos here. Just my versus the producer.

MM: What message or story do you aim to convey through the lyrics or musical elements of the single?

M-One: Hip hop is alive. Real rap is about inspiring, expressing, impressing, fending off, educating and informing the masses outchea. I want the people to know I’m a great rapper. I want the emcees to know I can’t be messed with on a lyrical level.

MM: How do you envision your audience connecting with this track? Any particular settings or situations where you think it’ll resonate the most?

M-One: Lots of beef is being roasted around the City of Kings and what’s worse is emcees ain’t even imparting positive vibes. I want people to know you can throw an emcee track, state that you the best, elongate your own d**k and still not offend anybody on a personal level. If it’s music l, keep it music. So to Hip Hop Fraternity, prove yourselves on these beats and air vibrations.

MM: Are there plans for a music video or any visual elements to accompany the release? If yes, can you provide a teaser or hints about the concept?

M-One: I intend to do a video. Will start with an animated one because I am working with this come up animator and he wants to showcase his skills and grow his brand by venturing into music videos. So all being well, you will get the animated video, and the live action video.

MM: After the release, what’s next for you? Any upcoming projects or collaborations on the horizon?

M-One: After this track is done I’m going to drop a couple of freestyles and then shift my focus to Poetry because I am working on a book and a headline show for Sage M-One. Its a bit of what I wish to give so exciting times in 2024

With his captivating flow, relatable lyrics, and dedication to his craft, Sage M-One is a name to remember. While the full picture of his artistic journey remains to be painted, the brushstrokes he’s already laid down reveal a promising future. Whether he continues to champion the sound of Bulawayo or expands his reach beyond the city limits, one thing remains certain: Sage M-One is a voice worth listening to. Keep an ear out for this rising star as he continues to carve his space in the ever-evolving landscape of Zimbabwean hip-hop.

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