Bulawayo Mayor apologizes for remarks

Bulawayo Mayor apologizes for remarks

Bulawayo Mayor David Coltart issued an apology after facing online backlash for comments seen as critical of former colleagues and CCC MPs Fadzayi Mahere and Rusty Markham.

Residents of Mt Pleasant and Harare East recently voted to fill the seats vacated by Mahere and Markham in January. The two legislators, aligned with CCC President Nelson Chamisa, resigned after the party’s self-proclaimed secretary general, Sengezo Tshabangu, initiated a recall of MPs elected in August 2023.

ZANU PF candidates Kevin Mutimbanyoka and George Mashavave won the by-elections, increasing ZANU-PF’s presence in Harare to seven seats.

Coltart previously expressed his belief that Mahere and Markham should have remained in Parliament. He stated on X: “This is the reason I have always maintained it is critical we hold on to as much democratic space we have. Whilst I appreciate that Parliament has been subverted, without strong voices using Parliamentary privilege to expose corruption & other abuses, Zanu PF can get away with even more than it does already.”

His tweet sparked controversy, with some arguing that remaining in Parliament was futile, while others accused him of supporting Tshabangu. Clarifying his stance amidst the backlash, Coltart explained:

“My comments regarding the loss of two seats to Zanu PF in Harare spurred a vigorous debate. One thing I need to make clear is that my comments were not intended as an attack on either @advocatemahere or @Katazamhondoro Rusty Markham, both of whom are dear and trusted friends. Ironically my comments were borne from deep sadness, concern and regret that neither of them are still in Parliament. Both are amongst the finest Parliamentarians in #Zimbabwe and our Nation is all the poorer not having them there. However my comments were interpreted as an attack on them and for that I apologise unreservedly. Whilst I disagree with the policy of withdrawing from hard-won spaces in general, I shouldn’t by inference have criticized them in particular. I stress that I understand why they took their decision and my respect for them both remains undiminished.”

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