Bryan K Releases Uplifting New Album “God Over All Things”

Bryan K Releases Uplifting New Album “God Over All Things”

Harare, 2 April, 20204 – Gospel artist Bryan K released his second gospel album “God Over All Things” (G.O.A.T) this week, treating fans to a collection of songs celebrating God’s love, grace, faith and hope.

The 9-track album was launched at Greenwood Park, which has become a place where Bryan K invites people for free worship sessions every Sunday afternoon. It was fitting that he launched the album with his new adopted family.

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The launch, which was well attended, was supported by different corporates, including CBZ Holdings, Neon Hiring, Zimbabwe Publishing House, GREYGATE, G Force Security, and Tose Global Records.

As with his previous work, Bryan K handles the production of all nine tracks himself, imbuing each tune with pure emotion and spiritual depth.

In the album, Bryan K explores what it means to walk by faith daily, surrendering fully to God’s will.

“I am so grateful that God chose to trust me with this music. It’s work that I am very proud of and hope it encourages people out there and maybe serves as a reminder that God loves them so much, that He loves everyone where they are,” said Bryan K.

On the uplifting track “Nobody Else,” he sings of finding purpose and meaning through his personal relationship with Christ alone, no longer seeking validation from others or living for their opinions.

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“This song talks about how God saved me and has been walking with me on this journey every day, how He is understanding and so kind to me, how He is patient with me as I am progressing and working to be a better human being,” Bryan K explained.

Another standout is the remix of the classic hymn “Ropa Rajesu,” featuring guest vocals from Saintfloew. Bryan K reimagines the song’s message of Jesus’ atoning blood for a new generation, underscoring its eternal power to save and transform lives.

On “Take It Away”ft Banshee, Bryan K pours out his heart, asking God to purge him of all that is not of God’s will. Throughout the album, Bryan K’s vocals and thoughtful lyrics guide listeners into a place of worship, reflection, and renewal.

Some of the songs to look forward to on “God Over All Things” include”I Know,” featuring Natemusic, “I Don’t Know Why” featuring S1mba, “Can Never Go Too far” with Kayflow, Itai Zvamunoda and “Yes I know.” The album is now widely available on all digital music stores for listeners to find inspiration and encouragement in their daily walk with God.

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