Authors Celebrate One Year Anniversary of Parents’ Guidebook

Authors Celebrate One Year Anniversary of Parents’ Guidebook

The Parenting Handbook: A Practical Guide to Parenting as Stewardship is a book written by six authors with unique experiences and expertise. Working hand in hand, the authors unveil practical tips that parents and guardians can use to guide their children from early developmental stages to young adulthood.

According to the editor and brains behind the book – Dr. Shamiso C. Madzivire, the book was birthed from a desire to nurture future generations and see children brought up in a holistic manner, setting them up for a well-balanced, successful and fulfilling life.

Dr. Shami’s vision for a book that would cover important aspects of life that we don’t necessarily talk about when we think of parenting in an African context was brought to life through a partnership with authors who believed in her vision.

The first chapter, written by Plaxides Madzivire an avid biblical scholar and mother of 4 adult children focuses on the parents’ role in pointing their children towards God and building a relationship with Him. Things like faith, hope, prayer and bible reading were highlighted as fostering a child’s relationship with God, setting a good foundation for the development of a moral life lived with God at the centre.

In the second chapter, Ncebakazi Makwetu, a proud mother and researcher dug into self-regulation. Ncebakazi does an excellent job of unveiling and translating scientific information which helps parents to understand their children. Considering a range of ages, from toddlers throwing tantrums to rebellious adolescents, parents are left with insights that help them facilitate connections with their children and also assist children to regulate their emotions and impulses.

Zvikomborero Madzivire, a qualified CA writes on finances in chapter three. Zviko highlights the benefits of teaching children how to handle their finances, mindful spending, managing debt, generational wealth and cheerful giving. In this chapter, parents are equipped with practical information on teaching children about finances right from when they are toddlers to young adulthood.

The fourth chapter, focusing on stewarding a child’s relationship with their gifts and talents is written by Shamiso C. Madzivire and Yvonne Chigumira. As professional coaches,
the two focus on helping children discover their gifts and talents, as well as nurturing and unlocking the linkage between their gifts, passions and individual calling in life.

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The last chapter of the book, written by Angel Kirby, a holistic nutritionist and personal trainer focuses on a holistic view of health and wellness. The chapter highlights the importance of stewarding your children so they develop into adults who are conscious of their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing. Parents are given practical tips on getting children to eat health, enjoy exercise, and prioritise their emotional and mental wellness.

When asked about the target market, Dr. Shami stated, “the book is a great resource for young parents and aspiring parents. It can also be used by anyone who is interested in working with kids or is already in that space. If you’re a nurturer, this book is for you!” .

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She added “The great thing about this book is it applies to the parenting of children at various developmental stages. The parenting journey never ends, so you’ll find that in different ways, the chapters speak to parenting right from the newborn phase all the way to young adulthood. Additionally, the book draws on academic research and Christian principles and values.”

In terms of future, Dr. Madzivire looks forward to speaking engagements and workshops targeted towards parents.

The book is product of Academy Institute of Research and Publishing, started by Dr. Shamiso C. Madzivire and Dr Faith Zengeni. The institute seeks to transfer knowledge from the academic space to the everyday person by repackaging academic literature into information that is easily understood by the everyday person.

This book is also the second of Dr. Shami’s passion projects in the field of literary arts, the first being “Married too Soon: Stories from our Daughters”.

Books can be purchased via the website:

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