Amasalad eLokshini Cypher

Amasalad eLokshini Cypher

Bulawayo’s hip hop scene has been gaining momentum in recent years, and the latest example of this is the recent cypher video that dropped on YouTube. The video features a number of up-and-coming rappers from the city, spitting bars over a hard-hitting beat.

The cypher showcases the depth and range of talent that exists in Bulawayo’s hip hop scene, with each artist bringing their unique style and flavor to the mix. The video features GTI, Kid Thrill, Adrizzy, Intombenyisabafana, Black Ink Creates, Mzistozz Mfana, Israel and a few other artists, with each artist delivering a mesmerizing performance.

The standout verses for me are GTI, Israel and Kid Thrill.

The video is ur typical cypher video with artists chilling and rotating as each artist gets his or her turn to take centre stage and bless the mic, nonetheless it’s a perfect representation of the energy and passion that exists in the city’s hip hop scene. It’s a great way to promote the city’s hip hop culture, and it’s sure to have viewers hooked from beginning to end.

Bulawayo’s hip hop scene is quickly growing and gaining recognition, and the cypher video is the latest example of this. The video is the perfect introduction to the city’s hip hop culture, and it’s sure to leave viewers wanting more.

Here is the link to the cypher on youtube:

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