Afrobeats Queen Tiwa Savage Stars in Emotionally Charged Film “Water and Garri”

Afrobeats Queen Tiwa Savage Stars in Emotionally Charged Film “Water and Garri”

In the highly anticipated feature film “Water and Garri,” Nigerian songbird and “Queen of Afrobeats” Tiwa Savage steps into a new realm of artistry. Known for her soulful voice and captivating stage presence, Savage embarks on a journey that combines her musical prowess with her acting ambitions. This film tells the story of Aisha, a young woman returning to her Eastside hometown from the UK, only to find it vastly changed. Her quest for self-discovery leads her through love, loss, and unexpected revelations.

“Water and Garri” became the BIGGEST weekend opener ever for Prime Video Nigeria, achieving the highest number of streams among all titles on the platform.

The Story: Aisha’s return is marked by a quest to redefine herself in a town that no longer feels familiar. The narrative centers around the loss of her cousin Stephanie’s brother, Niyi. The circumstances of Niyi’s death, and the involvement of a character named Kay, create a web of confusion and emotional turmoil for Aisha. Initially convinced that Kay is guilty, Aisha’s journey uncovers deeper truths about her family and herself.

Tiwa Savage: The Actress and Producer: Tiwa Savage, born Tiwatope Omolara Savage on February 5, 1980, in Lagos, Nigeria, has long been a towering figure in the music industry. With hits spanning genres like afrobeats, R&B, afropop, pop, and hip-hop, her contributions have garnered her numerous accolades and a Grammy nomination. However, Savage’s talents extend beyond music. In an interview with the BBC Focus on Africa podcast, she revealed her long-standing desire to act, despite the challenges it posed.

“I have so much respect for actors now. It’s long hours and you’re becoming someone else for a long period of time,” she shared. Her portrayal of Aisha draws from personal experiences, particularly channeling her mother’s strength and emotional depth. “She bottles up things a lot and she might just explode one day,” Savage explained.

In addition to her role as the lead actress, Savage served as an executive producer, overseeing the project through over 200 edits to ensure the final product met her high standards. “It was a lot of work,” she admitted, underscoring her dedication to the film.

“Water and Garri” finds its roots in Savage’s 2021 EP of the same name. Initially conceived as a visual accompaniment to the music project, the quality of the filming inspired a shift to a feature-length format. “It was so good we decided to make it into a feature-length film,” Savage recounted.

Critical Reception: Despite the film’s strong visual appeal, set against the picturesque backdrop of Ghana’s Cape Coast, it has faced criticism. The narrative, particularly the premise for Aisha’s return and the handling of Niyi’s death, has been described as lacking depth. The plot’s inconsistencies and the underdeveloped motivations behind key events have been points of contention.

Director Mr. Alabi, known for his work in music videos, has been critiqued for his lack of directorial vision in this film, leading some to label the effort as amateurish. However, the cinematography has been widely praised, capturing the vibrant essence of the Cape Coast and the communities depicted in the film.

“Water and Garri” can be seen as a metaphor in Nigerian colloquial terms, ‘Water don pass Garri,’ indicating a disappointing result when a weak script meets mediocre execution. Despite the film’s visual beauty and Tiwa Savage’s compelling performance, the overall reception has been lukewarm. As a cinematic venture, it highlights the challenges of transitioning from music to film, while also showcasing the potential for growth and future successes in Tiwa Savage’s burgeoning acting career. Verdict: 4/10 (source: Premium Times Nigeria).

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