Advokate I, speaking out against injustice, and amplifying his ghetto upbringing.

Gabriel Muchanyu now best known as ‘Advokate I’, is an African recording and performing music artist, born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

He never thought of becoming a musician one day, it all started in 2011. He has always loved reggae/ dancehall since he was exposed to more of it growing up. The love for doing music developed after watching a group of students performing at his school prize giving day.

Asked about what inspired his music, Advokate I said.

“My music was inspired by the ghetto upbringing, the day-to-day struggles faced by my people, the need to speak out against INJUSTICE/ societal ills and to bring hope and healing in the world.”

His first proper studio experience was at Manix Bros Studios in 2014. Since then, he has been involved in various musical activities which saw him sharing the stage with the legendary Zigzag Band of Chigiyo music from Kwekwe, Zimbabwe. His professional music career started in 2020.

His journey continues and he sees himself being a headline act in the festival across the globe.

“In the next 10 years I see Advokate I Music as a household name in the Zimbabwean/ African music circles performing on big reggae and afrobeats festivals such as Afronation, One Musicfest, Summerjam, Reggae Sumfest, among many others.”

Describing Zimbabwean music, Advokate I, said it resembled people’s voice, as an expression.

“I describe Zimbabwean music as the people’s voice, a platform where we get to express ourselves without too many restrictions, the hope for the younger generation, the healing of the nation, source of motivation and inspiration.”

Advokate I has worked on a number of projects, that include, Royal Devotion (EP), NGATIGARE MURUDO, LONG DISTANCE LOVE, UP AND DOWN, and recently worked on Heart And Soul, produced by R. Shumba, Movy D, Allaz, Jahrhyno, Advokate I, Tai Tan UG & C Brizzy.

Asked about the reach of Zim-music internationally, he said,

“Zimbabwean music has long been international, it’s just that we’ve a few of our artists celebrated by the international media the likes of Oliver Mtukudzi, Iyasa, Stella Chiweshe, Mokoomba, Chiwoniso Maraire, etc. Most of them went international with our own Mbira nehosho musical instruments. Recently BET Awards announced a category that will be celebrating African music which included Chimurenga music championed by Thomas Mapfumo.”

Advising the upcoming artists, Advokate I said that the genre requires discipline, being focused and humbleness,

“To all the upcoming artists I say, the first important thing in this music business is to love what you’re getting yourself into. You’ve to love the process of becoming a superstar more than you love being a superstar. All that requires one to be disciplined, humble, focused, consistent, hardworking and have self-esteem.”

Besides being a musician, Advokate I is a founder/ director of AK Clothing. He’s currently working on fully launching his first and new edition which is Live N Love.

Live N Love is a movement to promote love because love conquers all.

You can find his music here;


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