16 Female Directed Films Premiered Euro Film Festival SA

16 Female Directed Films Premiered Euro Film Festival SA

Innocence and Beyond’ was the theme of this year’s European Film Festival South Africa.

In a press statement the European Film Festival South Africa stated out that they presented this festival under ‘thematic nucleus Innocence and Beyond’.

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“Innocence is not just a legal term, it is a human quality that is being explored through the festival this year”.

The European Film Festival ran from the 13th till the 23rd of October.

The festival also shows youths shedding skins as they navigate the often-turbulent process of growing into adulthood. 

Also, it’s about adults making choices that impact both themselves and those around them and in some cases society and the world.

Fans of the festivals had an opportunity to either watch online or to visit at the Labia in Capetown or Ster-Kinekor’s zone in Johannesburg.

Many its believed that they selected to be in the front row of their homes.

Festival co-director Magdalene Reddy stated out that this is a transitional approach of coming back theaters gradually.

However, the online screening was free and each film which being premiered at theater was charged per-entry.

Sixteen award winning films, with eight of them by women directors were screened.

The festival is also taking part in Eswatini and Lesotho.

Some films which were showcased included: Great Freedom directed by Sebastian Melge; The Emigrants directed by Erik Poppe; Driven by Hope and Bound by Love the film is based on the 1949 literary classic by Vihelm Mobers.

The Emigrants is an epic period drama about poverty-stricken family who emigrates from Sweden to USA in the 1880.

The Soundtrack of the film gives one an idea of the era when the story of the film is being told.

Tapiwa Rubaya

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