Eswatini Remains The Only Country in Africa With Close Ties With Taiwan 

Eswatini Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini meet with President Tsai Ing wen this week in Taiwan. This become a rare visit from an African leader to visit Taiwan, and Eswatini becomes the only African country that recognises Taiwan as a breakaway nation from the main land China. 

This is crucial debate thaf China has always recognised Taiwan not as an independent country butpart of their Island. 

The visit by PM Dlamini to the Island was the first delegation of him since he entered the office of Prime Minister. President Tsai had visited Eswatini in 2018, while King Mswati the third had visited  Taiwan twice  since that time. 

According to Taiwan leader, Tsai the relationship between the Taiwan Island and Eswatini has resulted fruitful  results of bilateral exchanges in a variety of areas. 

During the Covid 19 pandemic Taiwan and Eswatini collaborated and supported each other in fighting the Global  pandemic. 

This year marked 55 years since the  diplomatic relationship between the two was established. 

“Taiwan has proven to be more than a politically ally to the Kingdom of Eswatini but an undisputed  development partner,” said President Tsai. (source Taiwan newsnetwork)

Taiwan has praised Eswatini for its support to be admitted into UN and its agencies. 

For the last ten years, Eswatini has only ranked as Taiwan’s 149th largest trading partner, with a trade share well below 1%. Taiwan today exports machinery and semifinished products to Eswatini, while it imports beef, textiles, and fruit. (Source news 24)

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