Chiponda: The residents are ready – best is yet to come

Chiponda: The residents are ready – best is yet to come

“To improve the area that I grew up in, I was born and breed in the city of Kings and Queens…”

Archbold Chiponda is aiming to break what one can describe as a misfortune of the ruling party by becoming the first, ZANU PF Bulawayo ward 5 councillor.

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Pushed by the factors that have contributed in the degradation of the state of Ward 5, it motivated Archbold to run for the public office. Chiponda has more than 10 years working with both government and private sectors, specifically dealing with economic issues of development and investment in Bulawayo and Matabeleland South provinces.

During an exclusive interview with My Afrika Magazine reporter, he mentioned that having obtained wise knowledge while working along with the government and his community, it has made it easier for him to communicate with the voters during his campaign.

“I have history in government over 10 years. I know enough about local authority and Bulawayo province. It has made the campaign easier and to communicate my ideas to the residents of ward 5,” he said

Chiponda further said that despite the 10 years having passed and the governing party hasn’t won any council seat in Bulawayo during the general elections that have been held in the past. He believes the residents of Bulawayo are ready to vote for the ruling party in local council authority positions.

The aspiring councillor added that working alongside with Hon Raj Modi who is the current seating member of Parliament for Bulawayo South will bring a beneficiary change in the community of ward 5.

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When questioned on how he is going to solve the road degradation problem within the industrial areas situated in ward 5, Chiponda said when one mentions Ward 5 he or she is including the industrial areas in Belmont. And there is need for the industry sector to play its role in working with the council to develop the area.

“Over the time I think there has been failure by the council to work with business people. As a business person I can tell you that people are progressive especially in the area (ward 5) they are operating in.

“I hope I can come and build a bridge between the business people in Belmont and get them involved into improving the area,” said Chiponda.

When he is voted in office, aspiring Councillor Chiponda said his first task is to create a Ward Councillor’s office. He said this will give residents an opportunity to communicate with the Councillor.

Clearing the bush area and re-installing streetlights within ward 5 is part of his task in his 100 days bucket list of what his going to achieve if voted in the area. Chiponda has been working with a number of charity homes within his community since his heyday at school.

He has continued with his deeds working with Engutsheni, Greenfield Primary school being the latest. Archbold Chiponda who holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration has assured members of ward 5 that if they vote for him, ‘Best is yet to come’

Tapiwa Rubaya

Tapiwa Rubaya is the current affairs, fashion and sports reporter at My Afrika Magazine.

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